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A Quick and Dirty Guide to Identifying EKG Rhythms: Part II

Earlier this week I posted about EKG rhythms (Part I here), and so to round out some of the more common arrhythmias, heart blocks are shown and described below. 152 more words

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Identifying EKG Rhythms: Part I

Recently I took the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advance Life Support (PALS) courses, and while studying, I realized that I needed to brush up on my EKG rhythm identification. 365 more words

Q&A: 'Custom access' to old folders

Q When I got a 2 TB external drive, I used SuperDuper! to transfer files from other drives to it. Since then some folders, even whole volumes, are shown as having ‘custom access’ in the Finder’s Get Info dialog. 272 more words


How to use ACLs to fine tune access permissions

The normal POSIX system of permissions, as shown in the Finder’s Get Info dialog for files and folders, is an effective foundation for security, but is very crude. 683 more words


Q&A: Messages when repairing permissions

Q When repairing permissions recently using Disk Utility, it reported a load of permissions that differed and had to be repaired, issued warnings of SUID files being modified and not repaired, and three ACLs were found but not expected. 247 more words


Lets review Neonatal Resuscitation...

Of all the recorded births, approximately 10% will require advanced resuscitation due to prematurity or other complications. Lets take a moment and review what care the healthcare provider should perform in the first few moments of a newborn baby (known as the neonate). 368 more words

Tackling ACLs and Dr Strangelove

Although Dr Strangelove is one of Stanley Kubrik’s finest films and a unique black comedy, just as Citizen Kane before, it fared surprisingly poorly at the Academy Awards. 662 more words