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Q&A: Messages when repairing permissions

Q When repairing permissions recently using Disk Utility, it reported a load of permissions that differed and had to be repaired, issued warnings of SUID files being modified and not repaired, and three ACLs were found but not expected. 247 more words


Lets review Neonatal Resuscitation...

Of all the recorded births, approximately 10% will require advanced resuscitation due to prematurity or other complications. Lets take a moment and review what care the healthcare provider should perform in the first few moments of a newborn baby (known as the neonate). 368 more words

Tackling ACLs and Dr Strangelove

Although Dr Strangelove is one of Stanley Kubrik’s finest films and a unique black comedy, just as Citizen Kane before, it fared surprisingly poorly at the Academy Awards. 662 more words


Is this important?

Survival comes down to identifying priorities, and addressing them in turn.

If you are unfortunate enough to fall into cold water, your most immediate concern is the need to breathe air: wearing an effective lifejacket that supports your airways clear of the water is an important step in preventing immersion death. 573 more words


off day today

i have the most boring off day today. ive been recuperating from my past night off morning afternoon afternoon shift and just tried waking up 10-ish a.m but failed. 68 more words

Q&A: Locking a folder

Q Is there a way to lock an individual folder, so that it can only be opened on entry of a pre-set password?

A The options for doing this are surprisingly limited, and none works in quite the way that you envisage. 216 more words



1 Keep up to date with advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) recommendations (i.e., maintain your knowledge base).

2 Promptly defibrillate a patient with ventricular fibrillation (V fib), or pulseless or symptomatic ventricular tachycardia (V tach). 556 more words

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