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"What Do You Say To People Who Think They Have Nothing to Hide?"

Hawa Allan Longreads | September 2017 | 3580 words (15 minutes)

“Big Brother” has become shorthand for the inescapable gaze of governmental authority, first defined by George Orwell in his novel… 3,497 more words



Since its release on September 12, the new iPhone and its revolutionary feature of facial recognition has sparked a rightful worry in the minds of the general public. 889 more words

Supreme Court Of India

Possibility for a sanctuary county

By | Iridian Casarez

Kevin Martinez watched the crowd tentatively in front of the Humboldt County’s Courthouse waiting for ICE agents to come out of any corner to arrest undocumented people supporting the ordinance to make Humboldt County a sanctuary county. 521 more words

Build the Wall Build the Wall Build the Wall

President Trump’s speech before the UN was interesting in many ways.

He put the multinational globalists on official notice that he has their number and as far as he’s concerned their number is up.  875 more words

Dr. Robert Owens

Guest column: ACLU’s national campaign demonizes district attorneys

The belief that one possesses the only way to redemption is an extremely dangerous concept.

The American Civil Liberties Union began a national campaign titled “They Report to You” designed to help elect different people to the office of district attorney across America. 43 more words

Guest Opinion

Our view: Prosecutors wield enormous power and warrant scrutiny

We are fortunate to have dedicated and competent ones in Marquis and McClain.

The American Civil Liberties Union’s national campaign to raise awareness about the importance of elected district attorneys and entice more candidates to run for these jobs has excited considerable backlash from incumbents, including Clatsop County District Attorney Joshua Marquis. 14 more words


US: ACLU Statement On Bill Against Trump's Transgender Ban

The US Senate introduced a bipartisan bill on September 15th that would protect transgender service members by preventing the Department of Defense from removing currently-serving members of the armed forces based solely on their gender identity. 158 more words