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Gizmodo: ACLU is Suing the Federal Government for Information About Social Media Surveillance Practices

Gizmodo: ACLU Is Suing the Federal Government for Information About Social Media Surveillance Practices. “The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation filed a lawsuit in the Northern District of California against the federal government on Thursday over its social media surveillance practices, specifically relating to the Trump administration’s controversial immigration policy known as ‘extreme vetting.'”

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Arizona, US: Lesbian alleges discrimination by Phoenix Chili's restaurant

Meagan Hunter worked at a north Phoenix Chili’s restaurant for two years. In that time, she said her bosses praised her constantly and even recommended her for a promotion.  78 more words


Report: Black Motorists Stopped, Searched More Than Others

CHICAGO (AP) — A report by the American Civil Liberties Union says African-American motorists in Illinois are more likely than others to be stopped and searched for routine traffic violations. 195 more words


Anti-BDS bill: For Israel, the terrain is shifting unfavourably

A battle over efforts to suppress the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign has become headlines news in the United States, in the context of an ongoing federal government shutdown. 815 more words


On the Basis of Sex Review (No Spoilers)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, also known as RBG, has served on the Supreme Court as an Associate Justice for the past few decades. Despite being 85 years old, she continues to fight for gender equality, women’s rights etc. 443 more words

Judge won't dismiss lawsuit over abuse of inmates at Daggett County Jail

SALT LAKE CITY — A federal judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed over abuses that inmates were subjected to at the Daggett County Jail. 446 more words


ACLU Suing the NSA and CIA Over Surveillance Programs

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the US government, saying it needs to know more about the surveillance of Americans’ phone and financial records as the law that regulates the scrutiny is set to expire in 2019. 107 more words