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Weekly DIY facial

Everybody knows how expensive facial is in the market. But I bet not everyone knows that we could get a similar effect done at home without spending a fortune? 522 more words


I Think I've Found The Perfect Night Repair Serum

We all love a bargain but what do we do when it comes to beauty products? For me, my skin is the most important thing in my life so when it comes to products for the face, I always think twice. 272 more words


Benefits of All Natural Beauty Products

Ask yourself, what are the benefits of using homemade beauty products? The obvious reasons are the health advantages to your body. Going this route you know actually what you are getting, and you are in control of what you put on your body.

469 more words

The chemistry behind beauty - Part 1

As and when I express my passion for skincare with my girl-friends, I realise that they have a hard time figuring out the intricacies, the jargon or the method to its madness. 664 more words


Discovering your skin type

Shhhhh….I’ve got a secret. You don’t have a skin type. You have skin. Skin changes as you age, as the sun rises, as the season changes, as your hormones change, and because of a million other little things that affect your living, breathing, beautiful skin.  260 more words


Choose a Great Makeup That Doesn't Irritate Your Acne

Choosing a makeup that doesn’t irritate your acne could be tricky but little research and right knowledge is the key to select a certain type of makeup that go well with skin tone every time you go out. 461 more words


I have oily/combination/acne-prone skin. As in, if I wash my face, then before noon, I need to blot it again.

For the longest time, I always thought that stripping away the oils would be better for my face and there was no need to moisturize since my face had oils already and that if I put more moisturizer, then that would defeat the purpose and make my skin feel greasy. 227 more words