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How To Get Clear Skin FAST!

Everyone has been through some rough breakouts when it comes to complexion. I’ve had many horrific experiences, enough to make me want to try new products and tricks off the internet… and believe me, I’ve googled “how to get clear skin fast” many many times. 432 more words

Clear Skin

Current Skin Situation

Last time we talked about skin care I had mentioned a new product I was testing out

The Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment… 762 more words


Solution for Bacne - The Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber

I have been plagued with severe bacne for years, and it can be really tough to get rid of. What makes it even more of a struggle is trying to keep your skin hydrated without using products that clog your pores. 259 more words

Great Deals

MM: My Winter Morning Skincare Rountine


Today I am going to share with you my winter morning skincare routine. In the winter my skin tends to get very dry and tight, so I amp up my moisturizers and ensure that I’m not over exfoliating the skin. 237 more words

Murad Skincare

Dr. Howard Murad is the world renowned dermatologist responsible for the creation of Murad. Penned as “The Father of Internal Skincare,” Dr. Murad has been credited with discovering some of the largest dermatological findings from the past 25 years. 475 more words

Testing 1.2.3

My skin has really been breaking out a lot lately & I ran out of my usual clinique acne treatment kit a while back.

The kit I was using was a Clinique acne treatment kit & to be honest it was working for quite a while but seemed to not really help my breakouts in the end. 344 more words