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Issues with jealousy breakthrough

I have issues with jealousy.  I haven’t always had them – they are fairly new to me.

Since my boyfriend and I are on a break (I can’t really admit we’re broken-up yet – not sure if its denial, or if it’s a break and he’s fixing himself), it is hard for me not to be triggered.  957 more words

Intellectualization and numbing...books aren't good for me

I’ve been pretty crap at updating this blog…mostly because I can’t seem to organize my thoughts.  They are all in a big swirl.

Today at therapy my therapist “A” has discovered something about me that a psychic once told me.  701 more words

ACOA: How slippers have made me feel bad

Slippers.  That’s right, the things you wear around the house.  They make me feel bad.

The obvious question is why and what does it have to do with Adult Children of Alcoholics. 915 more words

ACOA: My boyfriend is terrified of me

Last night, my boyfriend was terrified of me.

We’re on a break, after an argument, but we still see each other at the activity where we met and stood in the parking lot talking after. 1,371 more words

How I ended up here

Despite living an extremely traumatic life, fraught with addiction, being the adult child of an alcoholic, an alcoholic sober for 11 years (still working the AA program), my BF is a beautiful person. 1,780 more words