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Why did this time work?

Second to “why did you quit” is always “how did you quit“.  Why, when I chose to quit drinking over a year ago, did it stick?   501 more words

Big Book Musings: "They are restless..."

I am sure you all know, but I will tell you anyway.  The “Big Book,” as it’s called, is the text of Alcoholics Anonymous and has remained virtually unchanged since it was first published in April of 1939. 351 more words


I came back to a disjointed family.

I came back to a disjointed family.

It feels like my own fault for never seeing any cracks in my family’s relationship. As a child, my parents tried so hard to shelter me from their inter-personal problems. 914 more words

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The Difference Between Being Drunk and Being a Drunk

I just walked into my hotel. Its almost 3:00am here in Anchorage. I immediately walked into the gift shop and grabbed two sodas, a bag of Cheetos and package of skittles. 3,192 more words