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Gamer history!

One of my passions for spending my free time is gaming. Having a nice job and a great family with 3 little kids takes up most of my time (which is a good thing!) but if the work is done and the kids have gone to bed there is some time left for playing a videogame and getting lost in some virtual world in Middle Earth or a galaXy far far away… 1,015 more words


The Acorn Electron

My first computer ā€“ some 34 years ago ā€“ was an Acorn Electron. Youngsters today will be staggered by its cost, limitations, mass storage methods ā€“ but also by what we enthusiasts could do with it. 506 more words


Programming Days

Back in the 1980s I was an avid programmer of computers. I found I had a reasonable talent for this rather esoteric pastime and then I found I could earn money doing something which I really enjoyed. 190 more words


The author's grip on reality slips

Debunking TMR gives the game away!

Iā€™m long overdue with the continuation of my series of articles “Oh That Would Be VERY difficult!”, because first of all I have to copy then delete some corrupted files off my phone and compact digital camera before taking some accompanying pics of the actual BASIC program.

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Let's Play... Gunsmoke (Acorn Electron)

Have you ever wanted to be a Sherrif out in the wild west? Satisfy your fantasy with Gunsmoke on the Acorn Electron. That is if you can find the ‘fire’ button…

Acorn Electron