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Let's Play... Gunsmoke (Acorn Electron)

Have you ever wanted to be a Sherrif out in the wild west? Satisfy your fantasy with Gunsmoke on the Acorn Electron. That is if you can find the ‘fire’ button…

Acorn Electron

Why am I forcing my brain to do this/

Well, it’s 5am and instead of flying to my bed to pass out, I’m forcing myself to write yet another blog entry. I really hope that this is actually sharpening my writing skills rather than just underlining for me how stagnant my writing is staying. 948 more words

Looking back to 8-bit computing to move forwards

In my third essay looking at increase breaches of personal information through malware and questionable security practices, I will now take a look at existing computing systems. 1,543 more words



This little oddity was published by Tynesoft, the same people behind the lamentably awful Auf Weidersein Pet game. The owner of a restaurant has built his bog deep in the cellar and has to get past a load of obstacles just to have a poo. 74 more words

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A 6 second review of the concept behind the game Bonecruncher…

More information on Bonecruncher can be found here. It is a great game!

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Breaking up is hard to do

We’ve been through a lot together you and I.

I remember when we first met, it was Christmas and I was a child. Such a magical time of the year. 485 more words


Karate Warrior...

When I was in primary school it seemed that all my male classmates were doing some sort of martial arts. Banging on about what colour belts they had or who they had fought with. 176 more words

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