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Wine Oh TV Honors Jose "Pepe" Galante's 40th Harvest

40 years of dedication to a craft is a life’s work and a milestone that demands to be celebrated. That’s exactly how I felt when long-time Catena winemaker Jose “Pepe” Galante visited San Francisco with his new releases for Bodegas Salentein.  31 more words


Special family dinner: pasta with chanterelles and truffled cream; "long-cooked kale, please" - 6 January 2015

D&R&I are having one last cook as our “little family.” We had a great time and cooked some excellent dishes, although we agreed that they didn’t go that well together. 592 more words


Ham, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts - 20 December 2014

D cooked a simple but fine meal, while I prepared to travel to Mom’s for Christmas. He sliced thin slices off the ham I bought for the black bean soup, and fried that with herbs, but alas, I don’t remember which ones (writing from across the country on the 28th). 149 more words


(Un)birthday dinner for R from La Cucina Italiana - 9 November 2014

Since R’s birthday fell on a weekday, we decided to celebrate with dinner on the weekend instead. He had been eying two recipes from a copy of La Cucina Italiana that he had borrowed from D. 647 more words


Nasturtium pizza - 30 August 2014

I decided to make up a new pizza, to use up at least something in the fridge. But what would it be? I decided to play off the nasturtium pasta recipe I make from The Pasta Bible, since I had Fontina Valle d’Aosta and some gorgonzola dolce. 681 more words


Pizza with balsamic onions, red peppers, and prosciutto; broccoli - 23 May 2013

The deli counter person at the Bowl sliced off more prosciutto than I asked for, but I accepted all of it, so now I need to make prosciutto dishes. 450 more words


Q: When is a Zinfandel more than a Zinfandel? A: in an Acorn Wines' field blends

Today’s Portland Press Herald column attempts to convince of the glories of field blends. Acorn Winery in Sonoma’s Russian River Valley is producing great blends of all sorts of grapes, in vineyards that hold… 117 more words