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Special family dinner: pasta with chanterelles and truffled cream; "long-cooked kale, please" - 6 January 2015

D&R&I are having one last cook as our “little family.” We had a great time and cooked some excellent dishes, although we agreed that they didn’t go that well together. 592 more words


Ham, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts - 20 December 2014

D cooked a simple but fine meal, while I prepared to travel to Mom’s for Christmas. He sliced thin slices off the ham I bought for the black bean soup, and fried that with herbs, but alas, I don’t remember which ones (writing from across the country on the 28th). 149 more words


(Un)birthday dinner for R from La Cucina Italiana - 9 November 2014

Since R’s birthday fell on a weekday, we decided to celebrate with dinner on the weekend instead. He had been eying two recipes from a copy of La Cucina Italiana that he had borrowed from D. 647 more words


Nasturtium pizza - 30 August 2014

I decided to make up a new pizza, to use up at least something in the fridge. But what would it be? I decided to play off the nasturtium pasta recipe I make from The Pasta Bible, since I had Fontina Valle d’Aosta and some gorgonzola dolce. 681 more words