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Never Heard of 'Em #18: Mardock The Sun God

by Matt Meade

Of course our society is headed down the wrong path.  Of course we are all doomed.  Campaign finance.  Global warming.  Infectious diseases.  Nuclear proliferation.   1,025 more words

Never Heard Of 'Em

Tell me, small creature...

Why don’t you run?

Have you grown tired of living.


Hotter and hotter ...

It’s worse than we thought. Gee, it’s getting hot.

All the models show it and according to the consensus we all know it.

The thermometer, however, has been uncooperative. 258 more words

Trouble's Winter Coat

Is something like this.

He sheds all over the place.


the littlest acorn

This was the fortune I got today… Never feel that you are too small or too insignificant to change the world or change your life. With time and determination, anything is possible. :)

Arms of Ampflwang im Hausruckwald, Austria

Granted 1969

Blazon: Per fess I or an acorn slipped and leaved issuant from the partition line vert and II sable on a triple mount or in base two hammers in saltire of the field