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Why We Should Try.

I know you’re scared, and trust me I am too.

So here are some reasons why we should give it a goo.

Relationships are hard and new things can be frightening. 117 more words


The start of life

The start of life – taken by Michael Watts in Harrietsham, Kent

The Personal Me

Old Study of Acorn

Old study of an acorn, done in ink wash.


I’m still making the weekly practices, but I can’t upload them day by day because I don’t have a scanner or a good camera. 22 more words
Traditional Art

Acorn Squash Egg-in-the-Hole

Remember that childhood breakfast favorite, a piece of toast with an egg cooked into its cutout center? Well, try this stunning grown-up twist that replaces the bread with baked slices of acorn squash.

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I was young once, like an acorn,
and now just look at me.
And take these bloody ribbons
off the old oak tree.

Victory for tenants as Santander backs down on rent rise clause

In the face of co-ordinated action from renters’ groups across eight cities, Santander bank have confirmed that they’re backing down and removing a clause from their mortgage contracts that required buy-to-let landlords to “take all steps to ensure… the maximum increase in the rent which can reasonably be achieved”. 60 more words

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