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Wordy Man

I am a wordy man.

A man without a plan.

My diagnosis.

The world is suffering from psychosis.

The seven deadly sins give you a clue. 85 more words


To Do

God is keeping me alive to do something before I’m old.

I am old, is my story told?

No, not yet.

I lost on a bet. 112 more words


This Life

It looks like in this life you more or less have to do everything for yourself, oh well.

Other people tell you to go to Hell. 343 more words



I wash my face, more or less.

When I’m going out, God bless.

The cold water touches my face, I scream.

Cold as ice cream. 247 more words



Somebody told me one and one is two, was it you?

Who said there are stars in the sky, very high?

The Sun may be described as a majestic orb, I wouldn’t say that sort of thing. 60 more words



Rescued from a rubbish dump came a camel with a hump.

Also, the Kohinoor, a diamond most pure.

From among the manure.

Then they put them in a museum so people could see ‘em. 63 more words