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AMS: A Tale of Three Ads

Here is a screenshot of statistics for three of my AMS ads:

One is a non-fiction title, one is fantasy, one is romance. If you look at the far right-hand column, you can see that the non-fiction title has an ACoS of just 33%, the romance title has an ACoS of 255%, and the fantasy novel is at 123%. 683 more words

Being A Writer

Vast majority still regards NHS as 'crucial to British society' #HandsOffOurNHS

The Establishment continues to pay lip-service to the idea of the NHS, even while undertaking a massive, americanising stealth-reorganisation that health experts and campaigners view as hugely damaging and ultimately intended to end it as a meaningful institution. 234 more words

The questions Hunt must answer on his americanised-NHS plans

Jeremy Hunt is in the middle of an enormous stealth-reorganisation of the NHS into ACOs (accountable care organisations), modelled along the lines of the hugely inefficient US healthcare system. 617 more words

Experts go to court to stop 'americanisation' of #NHS

The NHS is once again teetering on the brink of collapse because of underfunding and understaffing and is likely to eclipse last year’s record winter crisis. 520 more words