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My Professional Values - Updated

The digital marketing world is changing everyday, and marketers need to constantly stay up to date with industry trends in order to find new opportunities to reach their audience. 412 more words


21 Days of Healthy Holiday Habits--Accountability

Happy Saturday!  I hope you guys wrote down some goals yesterday for what you would like to accomplish in the next few months.  If not, this is your friendly reminder to take some time today and do it.   406 more words


Humble Confession - by Austin Gonzales

Following God’s instructions concerning one aspect of life will help us follow His instructions in other aspects, as well, so that we can live better lives overall. 912 more words


Is Accountability for Everyone?

I was doing due diligence and had scheduled to have a dermatology full body scan as there were a few places that appeared questionable.  Sure enough there was a basal cell carcinoma on my chest.  606 more words


Air India: A case against privatization

The government recently announced plans for privatization of Air India. In a time where you will be hard-pressed to find articles screaming for its disinvestment, THEPCKartikeya Jain brings you a counter-narrative… 968 more words