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Photo Post

A lot of photos have been taken by our AcousticArt team and i would like to post some of our favourite photos taken over the last few years. 58 more words


Various types of Acoustic solutions for workplace

In order to get the best possible conditions for learning, healing and working, Acoustic solutions is, more important to consider. Noises or sound in the working places mainly causes hearing loss and also contributes absentee rates. 467 more words

Acoustic Art

The Acoustic Fabric Panels: Amazingly attractive and beneficial

Acoustic Fabric panels are an excellent solution for noise control and sound absorption for many different sorts of rooms. These are found in varied styles from the original fabric to the printed fabrics and micro-suede of your choice. 225 more words

Acoustic Art

Significance of acoustic ceiling and wall panels

There are so many ways to sound proof your office as well as your home. One such highly sound absorbent product is Acoustic ceiling.It will reduce the echo and improves the quality of sound in your home and office. 463 more words

Acoustic Art

Importance of acoustic curtains for partitioning the noise

The acoustic curtains can absorb and block the sound wave which is an ideal solution when partitioning within a wide room. This is the best solution while creating divisions into many different working places at the same instance of time. 219 more words

Acoustic Art

Guide to purchase the right Acoustic Bedhead

The availability of Acoustic Bedheads not only improves the decorative aspects of the house, but also increases the aesthetic value. Due to these reasons, there are widely used and very popular among so many homeowners. 224 more words

Acoustic Art

Acoustic Art Panels – Giving you the ideal interior Acoustics

Acoustic Art Panels are an exclusive decorative product that efficiently blends artistic imagery and acoustic performance. With a wide assortment of design options including contemporary and classic art, these panels offer the ideal solution to controlling noise in the built environment. 468 more words

Acoustic Art