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Janes Baps

Janes Baps café has asked us at Acoustafoam to make another sign for her, this time two 20” by 20” signs to go into a portable sign holder to go outside her café. 68 more words


Use Acoustic Bedheads and also its décor aspects

The Acoustic Pin Boards are not only offering the sensational look of your rooms, but also eliminates the unwanted noise waves in your rooms. These are very much beneficial to minimize the transfer of noise waves from one place to another place. 471 more words

Acoustic Art

Things That Make Changes to Your Environment with Acoustic Ceilings

You can get a wide variety of Acoustic Ceilings, for the purpose of noise reduction and also sound control. The noise issues can affect your lifestyle also at your work place and in your home. 479 more words

Acoustic Art

Significance of the Acoustic Velvro Panels

Acoustic Velvro Panels are easy and quick to hang, and they will allow you to remove the architectural drawings and pictures that without being pulled out by the pins. 242 more words

Acoustic Art

Making Your Interiors Noise - free and Attractive with Acoustic Pinboards

To maintain a peaceful environment is of high priority in our society. Acoustic Pinboards are a new art of science that is developed in this modern era to tackle problems of volume control. 225 more words

Acoustic Art

Impressive Things to Know About Acoustic Solutions

The Acoustic Solutions are very helpful for enhancing the sound quality and also minimize the reverberations. In addition, these types of products are also beneficial to enhance the quality of the music and also the speeches in different types of applications. 226 more words

Acoustic Art

Importance of Acoustic Baffles in the industrial applications

Whether in the church environment, on the stage, in the recording studio the need for finest quality sound is vital to enjoy the real music experience. 489 more words

Acoustic Art