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You Shook Me All Night Long - Various Artists

This is one of the most instantly recognizable rock songs in existence. It’s no wonder so many want to cover it. Here are just a few tasters of what is out there. 15 more words

Rebel Voice Music

Hello, I've Waited Here For You "Everlong" (Foo Fighters Cover)


I’ve waited here for you.

A quick jam with a classic favorite. What should I tackle next?

With love, honesty (and more to come),



Live Forever - Oasis Acoustic Ukulele Cover!

I’m back with another Acoustic Ukulele Cover! When I was growing up I was a big fan of Oasis and Live Forever is definitely one of my favourite songs of theirs. 101 more words


Friday Fun - Letting Cables Sleep [#2]

I covered Letting Cables Sleep by Bush this week, as this song has always had a special little place in my heart; since I watched an anime music video of Toradora. 77 more words


Postcards From Far Away - Coldplay Piano Cover!

Here’s a simple little Coldplay Cover of Postcards From Far Away originally from the Prospekt’s March EP. I’ve always loved this little instrumental Coldplay song, it’s a beautiful little piece and and is wonderful to play on the piano. 111 more words


BEYOND THE SEA - Ukulele Cover

Beyond The Sea is classic song that continues to stand the test of time so what could be better than taking an epic swing big band song and recording a ukulele cover of it in front of the sea. 77 more words