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Tips on Buying an Acoustic Guitar

Knowing how to choose the right guitar and how to identify a bad one, will save you from countless headaches, not to mention finger aches. 1,417 more words


The Gathering, Toby Hay a David Ian Roberts

‘I first listened to The Gathering late in the day, late in the year – the year of Trump, of Brexit, of tides of darkness rising fast on all sides. 672 more words


Ibanez AEL40 SE RLV Electro acoustic guitar for sale, Newport, Wales

I’ve got an Ibanez AEL40 SE RLV electro acoustic guitar for sale. It belongs to my nephew and I’ve offered to sell it on his behalf.   222 more words



I’m working towards becoming a minimalist. I suppose if you have the mindset but haven’t finished your house, you’re technically a minimalist already? I dunno? Anyway, we are a family of five and I can’t expect the four other people to adopt my mindset. 134 more words


I Can Only Give You Pain

One of the poems I wrote a few weeks ago spiraled into an entire song. I love it when that happens. Part of me is tempted to give you a preamble on what this song is about, what inspired it, etc, but I’m not going to. 317 more words


Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Optimist

Given the fact that Ed Sheeran has recently almost filled the entire ‘singles’ top ten with songs from his latest album it’s hard to escape the fact that when Get Cape. 406 more words