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eksoka - Lachryphagy (Acoustic Mix) | Progressive Rock / Acoustic

An incredible new version of the original Lachryphagy, this Acoustic Mix focuses on expressing the mixed feelings you have when you realize the changeling’s right to simply feed themselves and follow their nature. 83 more words

Solo Post

Quartermaster's Stores

“Quartermaster’s Stores” is a British traditional song that is popular with scouts and as a military marching song.  There are numerous verses of lyrics, many a bit unsavory. 40 more words


Brum Gig Guide - 19th Jan

If you managed to snag tickets to Riscas at the Sunflower Lounge tomorrow night, then well done, that’s now a sell out. If you linger outside long enough  310 more words


First Show 2018

Dear Reader,

I’m looking forward to my first show this year which is gonna be at the Cato Gymnasium in Achim.

It’s the first school that I’ll be playing solo. 6 more words


Franx - My Illusion

Franx is a Franco Schoemans solo musical exploration away from the countless number of professional acts he forms part of. Armed with only his bass guitar and his hauntingly beautiful voice he manages to mesmerise any audience in a matter of seconds into every rendition. 146 more words


Macy Warner’s sound is another gorgeous advocate for bedroom pop

The sixteen year old from Denver, Colorado has introduced herself to the world with her debut album.

Apologies To Myself is a seven-track ode to all of the hidden emotions and feelings of a teenager. 104 more words

New Music

Snow Shadows

“Snow Shadows” is an original composition in which I try to combine the feel of 60’s instrumental guitar rock with a somewhat more sophisticated musical and harmonic language than was typical for that genre. 10 more words