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ToolPro Acoustical Eye Lag Driver 2 Pack Model Hardware

Full driver mirroring Complete driver database mirroring. Driver Robot can download the driver to your system even if it’s not currently available on the manufacturer’s website! 333 more words

New Music: Big Wild - Aftergold

ODESZA’s own record label Foreign Family Collective have released their second track entitled Aftergold. Produced by the amazing fresh-out-the-box new artist Big Wild, this track is unique in every way – packed full of clunky percussion and light synth sounds that twine together in blissful harmony, which all builds up to an epic climax. 22 more words


Starkey Hearing Foundation Pop Can Fundraiser

Starkey Hearing Foundation Pop Can Fundraiser 

During the month of April, our Memtech Acoustical team traveled around the area, visiting different local businesses in an attempt to collect pop cans to raise money for the Starkey Hearing Foundation. 176 more words

Loud Noise can Cause Hearing Loss

Loud Noise can Cause Hearing Loss

Repeated exposure to loud noise levels of more than 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss at any age. That level isn’t so extreme: an average conversation is about 50 decibels. 505 more words

A billion at risk for hearing loss from exposure to loud music via CNN.com

(CNN)“Hey dude — can you turn your music down?”

If anyone says this to you while you’re wearing your earbuds, take note: You are probably endangering your hearing. 706 more words

NIOSH study finds mining, construction, healthcare workers at risk for occupational hearing loss

A new study from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) examines thirty years of hearing loss trends experienced by workers exposed to noise while on the job, across various industries. 490 more words

The Potential Effects of Noise on Children’s Ears

Though for the most part noise is simply regarded as a nuisance, it has the potential to become harmful to young ears. Noise is generally defined as any unwanted sound, and is measured by the intensity and frequency of the sound waves that hit the ear. 309 more words