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Gume recording session

Gume is an awesome 5 piece, jazz schooled fusion band from Lisbon. The new Company Sound studios have just been set up for the mixing and the mastering process. 24 more words


Origami as the 'atoms' of artificial materials

Wei Jiang (Air Force Engineering University, China), co-author of a new JPhysD article, explains how the traditional art of origami is inspiring cutting-edge materials science. 744 more words


Day 140: Pontiac by Lyle Lovett

It was a beautiful Friday morning, and my boss excused me to leave early for a concert I was going to see at The Hollywood Bowl with my friends Meghan & Anna. 560 more words

Good vibes

By Clémence Bacquet, Ph.D. student in the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences at University of Colorado-Boulder

Vibrations are everywhere. You can feel them when you’re driving your car, or if you pluck the string of a guitar. 1,748 more words


Acoustics part 2

Here is the promised and modified slide show.

Gerrit Bloothooft, Eldrid Bringmann, Marieke van Cappellen, Jolanda B. van Luipen, and Koen P. Thomassen : A phonetic study of overtone singing


We describe the phenomenon of overtone singing in terms of the classical theory of speech production. The overtone sound stems from the second formant or a combination of both the second and third formants, as the result of careful, rounded articulation from //, via schwa // to /y/ and /i/. 1,511 more words

Werner A. Deutsch & Franz Födermayr: Visualization of Multi - Part Music

 Frequency analysis of musical sounds came up to practical applications with the development of the Sound Spectrograph (Koenig, Dunn and Lacey, 1946). From the beginning much care has been taken to choice the frequency resolution and the time window properly in order to highlite important acoustical features as well as perceptual ones. 5,244 more words