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Bouncing Off The Walls

Yikes, I arrived home on Tuesday and my Kai completely rearranged our room while my mom had a nap! He can be quirky like that at times. 564 more words


Floor Soundproofing Install

Last week we completed an installation for a customer and we just wanted to share it with you and show you some images of how the installation is completed.  687 more words


Narwhals and Climate Change: Effects of rising ocean temperatures on the Arctic population of narwhals

L. Henderson \ Oceans First, Issue 2, 2015, pgs. 1-9.

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Climate change associated with increasing ocean temperatures is impacting the narwhal population of the Arctic Ocean, an area highly susceptible to rising temperatures. 148 more words

Review Paper

A dive into the diversity in contemporary kantele music, vol. II - Kantele competition

Two weeks ago, I went to follow the third International Kantele Competition in Helsinki. I was mostly interested in the Open – category, which meant non-professional musicians over 15 years, as I would have fallen into the same category. 366 more words


Tutorial: Measuring Reverberation Time - Part 2 - Deconvolution

In our previous reverberation time measurement tutorial an impulse response, created by bursting a balloon, was used as the measurement signal. This is a quick and simple method of carrying out a reverberation time measurement, but may not be the most accurate method. 672 more words


Acoustics: That Decorating Sound

Hi folks, I’ve been out for a while doing things. I’ve got a few ideas to get back into the swing of things here, it’d be great to have you along. 1,053 more words

Sound Production

What is log?

No its not a poo! Or a log of wood. Log is the mathematical shortening for logarithm. A Logarithm the opposite to the ‘power of’. Algebraically they are similar like this: 108 more words