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Light music

Synaesthesia – in this case a crossover between seeing and hearing, light and music. There are  many of examples of this, at least on the music side, Scriabin’s… 148 more words

Classical Music

Tisato G., Ricci Maccarini A., Tran Quang Hai (2001), “Caratteristiche fisiologiche e acustiche del canto difonico”

Trân Quang Hai & Graziano Tisato in Venice, 2004

Graziano Tisato & Trân Quang Hai in Padova, 13 october 2017

Dr. Andrea Ricci Maccarini

Click on this link below to read the integral article illustrated with spectral & acoustical analyses : 750 more words

Tran Quang Hai

Cuba Sonic Attack Analysis

A sound file from the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Cuba has now been made available on the Internet.  I did a spectral analysis of this file using my… 53 more words

A major difference

A fanfare for the major triad:


It’s everywhere. Apart from being the principal building block of most music, its (sometimes) dulcet tones are used in shops, stations, airports and elsewhere to alert us to announcements of impending joy or (more frequently) gloom. 157 more words

Classical Music

The Sound/Impact Isolation Platform

Fellow apartment dwelling electric drum set players:

So, your downstairs neighbors have pounded on your floor too huh? After some googling, I got inspiration from others who built sound isolation platforms. 661 more words