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Where you listen matters

A few years ago, I had been to a concert of Sikkil Gurucharan, where he sang a scintillating marukkulaviya thiruppugazh as sub main. Unfortunately we were not able to continue listening the concert in peace, owing to the light music songs blaring through the speakers from the next building which turned out to be a marriage hall. 371 more words


There’s a reason why it can be easier to work in a Starbucks than in an open office

If you find it easier to work in the din of Starbucks or a bar than around your chattering colleagues in an open office, you’re not alone. 236 more words

Image is Everything

I have a couple of audiophile friends for whom ‘imaging’ is very much a secondary hi-fi goal, but I wonder if this is because they’ve never really heard it from their audio systems. 607 more words


Behind Blinding Light - Human Larvae

Acoustics are important. There’s no way around that. What the artist intends to be heard and what the listener actually does here can be wildly different, to the detraction of the experience of both parties. 964 more words


Why do new homes overheat?

By Andrew Moore

New homes overheating is an increasing problem, with a number of instances being reported in the national press as well as industry publications. 670 more words

Sustainable Design

Shawn Mendes 'Mercy' Covers

Shawn Mendes’ ”Mercy’ comes from his latest album ‘illuminate. We’re looking forward to the release of further songs from this smash hit album…

To celebrate the success of his latest single, we have chosen some of the best acoustics of the song. 108 more words