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Acoustic Design: Part 5 - Auditoriums

One of the most important parameters, and one which has come up commonly in previous posts, is reverberation. This very much due to its close link with the usage of space. 303 more words

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Vinko Dvořák and Croatian musical life

The acoustic physicist Vinko Dvořák was a gifted violinist and a tireless promoter of music in Croatia. As a member of the board of the… 134 more words

Romantic Era

Acoustic Design: Part 4 - Auditoriums

It’s arguably one of the places that, when people say acoustics, will spring to mind. Auditoriums, whether they be for speech, music, or singing, all require that they good acoustics which benefit the material being presented inside them. 117 more words

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Acoustic Design: Part 3

With the number of new apartment blocks being constructed around where I currently live, it has caused me to wonder about the types of insulation used between different flats and the outside world. 316 more words

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The cavity tone......

In September 2017, I attended the 20th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects in Edinburgh. At this conference, I presented my work on a real-time physically derived model of a cavity tone… 326 more words

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by Adarsh S.M(2016-2019)


Acoustics is the branch of physics that deals with the study of all mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids including topics such as… 234 more words


The final whistle blows

Previously, we discussed screams, applause, bouncing and pouring water. Continuing our examination of every day sounds, we bring you… the whistle.

This one is a little challenging though. 1,489 more words

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