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Restaurant are too noisy!

According to campaigners for the hard of hearing, restaurants are getting so noisy that it’s spoiling people’s enjoyment of the food.

They put part of the blame for the trend of… 284 more words


Tear it Down and Build it Back Up (Part 3)

A long day ahead for the last push of this overhaul. At the end of part 2, all the speakers around the room have been hooked up and tuned. 963 more words


Auditory Scene Analysis

There is a field of study called Auditory Scene Analysis (ASA) that postulates that humans interpret “scenes” using sound just as they do using vision. I am not sure that it necessarily has any particular bearing on the way that audio hardware should be designed: basically the scene is all the clearer if the reproduction of the audio is clean in terms of noise, channel separation, distortion, frequency response and (seemingly controversial to hi-fi folk) the time domain. 503 more words


Initial Ramblings

I hope to use this blog to track my progess toward my PhD in Explosive Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology.  I’m intrested in the use of metamaterials to attenuate the effects of an explosively generated shockwave.   27 more words


Bring It Back To Me by Martin Luke Brown

Two posts in one week?! I know, it’s crazy, but I just had to post this in honor of my all-time favorite show, Grey’s Anatomy… 260 more words


Shells for the senses: the multidisciplinary success of “Stage by the Sea”

When we speak of “aesthetics”, the first sense that comes to mind is sight – when appreciating the “aesthetics” of a structure, we often refer a structure’s beauty.  1,537 more words