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Showing us the ropes, wires, and winches!

By Ines Richter, University of New South Wales

We’re more than half way through our CAPSTAN voyage on the RV Investigator, which is cruising at a leisurely 12kn through the middle of the Great Australian Bight. 817 more words


A Journey in the Ocean

By Anthony Uwalaka, University of Western Australia

A few months ago, I heard about the Collaborative Australian Postgraduate Sea Training Alliance Network (CAPSTAN).  It was as if I was dreaming, but it’s still true: my “dream”, on board research vessel (RV) Investigator has become a lifetime experience. 534 more words


Wait, what? We're in charge?!

By Alistair Deane, University of Tasmania

Following the first two days of inductions and briefings at sea about various components of the ship, we were all starting to become familiar with most of the science operations. 563 more words


CAPSTAN, a life changing opportunity

By Joseph Moraga, University of Canberra

At the time I was offered the opportunity to be a part of the CAPSTAN program I was working as a leading hand for a civil engineering company in Canberra. 569 more words


Porpoise forehead structure enables directional acoustic wave manipulation

Porpoises along with other toothed cetaceans are known to use echolocation to navigate underwater and to locate prey and predators alike. They emit high frequency clicks in a focused beam in front of their faces, which scans the ocean and bounces off objects to build up a ‘picture’ of their surroundings. 242 more words


Life at Sea

By Elise Tuuri, Flinders University

Blog writing has never been a forte of mine and not something I tend to do often. But then again, neither is living on a research vessel. 682 more words


Day 1 on Station: bird watching, ship logging, and grab samples

By Rebecca McGirr, University of Sydney

The 16th of November marked our first day on station, meaning that the day was jam-packed with CTD deployments, Smith Mac grab sampling, sediment coring and the collection of plankton samples with the vertical haul net. 681 more words