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Time for a continental shift???

Typing this on a Fokker50 jet flying from Perth to Geraldton, i’m spoilt by uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean, clear blue water that lets you see the sea bed underneath, boats heading to Rottnest for the long weekend, and in the distance a constant blue where the water and sky is no longer distinguishable.  479 more words

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Listening in on Atlantic right whales

by Chris Petersen and Madeline Motley

I may not be able to see you, but I can hear you.

You would think that whales are large animals, they have to come to the surface to breathe, so we would be able to know where they are at any time. 641 more words


Message for Architects and New Church Buildings

It has been brought to my attention by a number of church members about who gets to decide the final aesthetics of worship space interiors.  Church members of some newly built churches which are less than one year old were pointing out to me that in the end, we acoustical designers get to ultimately decide the final aesthetics of a church – not the architect, no matter how much effort an Architect puts into the aesthetics of a worship space.  487 more words

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Things Heard and Left Unheard

There have been several stories lately, in print and on the radio, about the importance of touch. One scientist arguing, successfully in my opinion, that touch is the most important of all senses. 671 more words

Sonya Subbayya Sutton

How Loud Is Too Loud?

The World Health Organisation states that loud noise is the single biggest preventable cause of hearing loss in the UK. Due to advances in portable media player technology, users are now able to store and play music for much longer. 436 more words


Welcome To The 2015 Season Of The Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Research


We are just starting our second week researching the killer whales off the Western Australia coast in the Bremer Canyon. We have slowly been ironing out the creases and becoming a well oiled data collection machine. 27 more words

Bremer Bay

Step by step via burpees... not fun... but...

This isn’t a rant against burpees or the person who created them nor against those fitness professionals who include them in their fitness routines (although if I was going to rant it would contain so many expletives one would think my vocabulary extends to only a select few words beginning with the letters ‘F’ & ‘S’), it’s more of a realisation that if you commit to an exercise routine don’t pat yourself on the back getting up to week 10 of 15, and then stopping for a 4 week break over the holidays, and then launch back into Week 10 to finish the programme off, unless you want to suffer in complete and utter agonising pain. 420 more words

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