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The Great Theater of Epidaurus

This is our entry in Lost in Translation’s BLACK & WHITE SUNDAY: STEPS AND STAIRS.

This photo was taken from the top row of the Great Theater of Epidaurus in Greece. 78 more words


We the Kings - Sad Song music video

We the Kings released their heartfelt music video for “Sad Song” off their 2013 albumĀ Somewhere Somehow.

Shane Haley

Researchers Compile Sound Library for Mexican Bats

By Lola Gayle, Editor-at-large

Nothing lost in translation here! Researchers have compiled a library of bat sounds to help identify bats from their calls in Mexico, a country which harbors many of the Earth’s species and has one of the highest rates of extinction and habitat loss. 598 more words


How can teachers move from traditional to innovative learning environments?

What do we really know about how teachers can use the wonderful innovative learning environments being created for schools around the world?

Graduate researchers (architects, designers, educationalists) around the world are tackling issues such as this, but often in isolation. 284 more words


Listen to the Sound of the Big Bang

The Big Bang occurred nearly 14 billion years ago, long before anyone was around to witness it. So how would we know what, if any, sound it made? 504 more words