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Performance Hall Tuning: Ensuring the Sound is Sound

As thrilling as the design and construction of buildings are for architects, the life their creations take on when they start to be used for their intended purpose is even more interesting. 1,222 more words


Modelling the bottlenose dolphin echolocation using a vibroacoustic finite element model

Psychoacoustic laboratory studies with live dolphins require considerable resources and are essential for assessing the validity of our models. Computerized numerical modelling methods are a reasonable approach to simulate the vibroacoustic functions of the dolphin biosonar apparatus. 427 more words


Frequency domain dogma

Reading around various technical-ish audio forums, I think it is clear that there is close to zero awareness of the over-simplification inherent in thinking about audio only in terms of the frequency domain. 766 more words


Markooz / Acoustics - EOM 2013 #BeatBoxing #Beatbox #LoveBeatbox #beatboxbattle @beatboxbattle

Markooz / Acoustics – EOM 2013 #BeatBoxing #Beatbox #LoveBeatbox #beatboxbattle @beatboxbattle Read More – https://wp.me/p60eNF-a2x

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Sounds Like a Good Idea

Jas hired me for an interesting soundproofing project in his Mad River Valley cabin. Noise travels easily through the kitchen ceiling (which is also the second floor) and disturbs renters in the bedrooms upstairs. 333 more words


A Little Upstairs Music Room

“I’m on my way, I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.” – Paul Simon

I got two mics set up – one for vocals and another for guitar.  72 more words


Ultrasonic Levitation

The director of the levitation program at the New York Institute of Technology was a scientist who had reached the limit of frustration with how his efforts were being treated by colleagues, the media, and the general public. 3,538 more words