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GLOBAL FOOD GOSSIP: Et tu, France? Fiddling with that fine American classic, the Caesar salad?

Joanna Masters-Maggs was displaced from her native England 17 years ago, and has since attempted to re-place herself in the USA, Holland, Brazil, Malaysia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and now France. 1,485 more words


You can acquire any taste!

You’re probably aware that beer is an acquired taste. It’s taste that I have yet to acquire and one that I really have no desire to acquire. 699 more words

My Life

Acquired Tastes From Candyland

Taste Brandi Milne’s Broken Heart

Southern California artist Brandi Milne was born and raised in Anaheim. She grew up happily, surrounded by a wealth of inspiration as a child, taking pleasure in classic cartoons, crayons and coloring books, Sid and Marty Kroft creations, toys, candies and kitschy fabrics and notions of the times.
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Mythbusting: Horses naturally love carrots, apples and oats

Two events today reminded me just how ubiquitous is the belief that horses are born with a taste for carrots, apples, oats and other assorted treats.  1,108 more words


And the September 2014 Alices go to ... these 2 international creatives

If you are a subscriber to our weekly newsletter, the Displaced Dispatch, you’re already in the know. But if you’re not, listen up. (Hey, why aren’t you? 1,205 more words


GLOBAL FOOD GOSSIP: Summer in a bottle...we're jammin'

Joanna Masters-Maggs, our resident repeat-expat Food Gossip and Creative Chef, is back with her column for like-minded food lovers.

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“I heard that wine makers in the Napa Valley have found that picking grapes at night yields better wine,” I said to my husband as we walked the dog around our little neighbourhood. 1,599 more words


From soccer hater to World Cup fanatic: A most peculiar expat tale

To mark the start of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, I have updated a post I wrote four years ago, in time for 2010 World Cup… 1,513 more words