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Accounting Firms in Singapore Come to the Rescue of Small Businesses

The field of accounting is an interesting one and currently, accounting firms in Singapore are practicing it to its limits. Only its die-hard disciples working in the accounting services can understand the meaning it can reveal about today’s complexly structured businesses. 579 more words

Accounting Firms In Singapore

The Greek Fortress

Last week news stories about a Greek fortress found just south of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem were trending on Facebook. The actual announcement was made last November, but it is in the news again. 431 more words


Android app crashes : the revenge

As reported previously, our app was crashing. Implementation of crash reporting was of course half of the job. The next problem was to work through and pinpoint the problems and causes. 652 more words


La Caye, Brooklyn (USA)

La Caye is a Haitian restaurant situated in the heart of downtown Brooklyn.

My starter was a faultless acra, freshly fried,the texture nicely crunchy (not dry as it is oftently the case elsewhere) on the outside, superbly soft on the inside (oftently mushy at most tropical eateries), the taste genuine (exactly as a talented Haitian Mammie-cook would cook it, but here the texture  is more refined than rustic) and  great. 544 more words

Android app background crashes

I’ve been dealing with a tricky problem: our app crashing while in the background, but without any obvious pattern. My initial thoughts were that it was not handling bluetooth broadcasts correctly as defined in the manifest: 246 more words


Vladimir Putin Starts His Own Ratings Firm

The article waits until the very last line to deal the coup de grâce:

“Any Russian agency would undoubtedly be regarded as being in the pocket of the Kremlin,” McNamara said.

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Three-Minute Thesis: Rebel & Rival?

As part of the application process for continued graduate work, I was asked to film a three-minute thesis. At the time, I was still traveling around Israel and had just discovered the exciting dig site of the… 152 more words