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NW Wildfires Still Active | Sept 14 2017

POST SUMMARY |  We are bringing you the most up-to-date fire info from various sources.  NOTE :  We are posting ahead of some fire sources which may throw some of the numbers off.   705 more words

Some Wildfires Dying Down | Sept 10 2017

POST SUMMARY |  The tireless efforts of thousands of firefighters across the Northwest are beginning to make a dent into the many wildfires burning in our areas.   3,436 more words

WA Wildfires Expected to Burn into October | Sept 7 2017

Some wildfires have been burning already for a few months, while others are expected to burn well into October or possibly into November.  Overnight, there were eight new wildfires with one being a brand new large incident (Archer Mtn Fire) , 1,633 more words

Fires Spread All Over Our Landscapes | Sept 6 2017

POST SUMMARY | Wildfires seem to be popping up all over our landscapes here in Washington and Oregon without permission of course, but we must fight them however we can.   1,619 more words

Firestorms Explode in the NW | Sept 5 2017

POST SUMMARY | Some wildfires have turned into Firestorms burning up everything that stands in its path, as if it were a runaway freight train. 1,374 more words

New Wildfires Ignite on Labor Day | Sept 4 2017

POST SUMMARY | Due to the vast number of wildfires breaking out, we will be only covering any wildfire over 10,000 acres in detail, while those under this total will be summarized at the end of each of their States respectively.   539 more words

Temps Increase, RH Falls Equals Firestorm Conditions | Sept 3 2017


11 miles West of Cliffdell, WA.  Start 8/10/17. Lightning caused. 110 homes threatened.  Estimated containment date of 10/1/2017.

USDA Forest Service is lead Agency.   3,365 more words