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"SNAFU" and "FUBAR" This Blog Isn't

Ah, I love the military. It’s got a language all of its own, and many times its words are acronyms, which I like because why use five words when a five-letter acronym will do? 192 more words

Top 50 Twitter Acronyms, Abbreviations and Initialisms

Below is a re-blog of common Twitter acronyms and initialisms,i must admit i am an old Dog when it comes to Acronyms and tweet speak,i have a lot of catching up.Below is a list to update your lingo,hey YOLO!!!! 42 more words


I hate acronyms (and so do your donors)


That is an acronym for what goes through your donors and prospects head when they try to decipher a jumble of letters that makes perfect sense to you and saved you the mild annoyance of having to type a long program name over and over again. 215 more words


Word of the Day: September 04, 2012



1)  The acronym for the country “The United Blogs of America”, a split-off splinter group formed when a group of bloggers separated from the USA, so that they could write what they wanted without being persecuted or prosecuted. 194 more words

Things I Think I Thunk

Word of the Day: August 10, 2012



1)  An American from the deep south, like Louisiana, where bloggers write posts about wrestling alligators, fishing for shrimp and other, basic redneck hobbies. 178 more words

Things I Think I Thunk

Word of the Day: August 07, 2012



1)  The great morning cereal for bloggers. Each spoonful is a great heaping of daily vitamins, as well as inspiration for writing. (okay, I’ve done better!) 184 more words

Things I Think I Thunk

Word of the Day: August 06, 2012



1)  The canned, alphabet-based noodle soup that many bloggers use for inspiration for their posts (well, could there really be any other explanations?) 171 more words

Things I Think I Thunk