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VA - Arquitectura del Sueño [SEM01]

For the 101 release Semantica comes with a special triple album packed with talented techno producers dropping some deep trippy techno knowledge right here.



Acronyms, IMHO...

Acronyms are tools which we use in conversation to economize on words and time. There is nothing wrong with the use of acronyms in text messages when they relate to common speech, i.e., where they are non-technical and are fairly well-understood due to widespread use. 97 more words

Using apostrophes

Apostrophes are used in English to show that:

  • there are letters missing from the word (contractions)
  • something belongs to someone (possession or ownership).

There are exceptions to how these rules apply, and I’ll talk about some of these, too. 732 more words

Writing 101

Here’s What Sneakerheads Wore to Seoul Fashion Week SS18

Event: Seoul Fashion Week

Season: SS18

Nike Air Max 97 OG/UNDFTD

Nike Air Max 97 UL ’17/Skepta

Nike Air Presto Mid – Acronym


What Does DM Signify | DM Definition| Indicating Of DM

Exactly what does DM indicate?

At present Social networking and prompt messaging dominating the globe broad conversation technique. Peoples are now relying on social Web page or messaging application to accomplish communication with one another. 606 more words


HMU suggests Strike Me Up is an online slang used currently being an acronym whenever they prefer to dangle out with individuals or to allow them to recognize that they need for being with each other. 459 more words

How WHAT DOES LMAO MEANS ON FACEBOOK can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

SOME Helps make utilization of AND Rationalization OF LMAO

LMAO is an online slangs which takes place to get thoroughly popular and largely used with the youthful know-how. 938 more words