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Three Wishes (an acrostic poem)

To think that the world could be his never entered Matt’s brain

He thought hard then began to come up with his want list… 91 more words

Acrostic Poem

Destiny (an acrostic poem)

Didn’t see that old woman coming

Even after she told me I had to do it

Still I tried to fight her prophecy… 54 more words

Acrostic Poem

Wife (an acrostic poem)

What would I do without you?

I would be lost and without my best friend

Fortunately we have been married for twenty-two years today… 7 more words

Acrostic Poem

Cyborg (an acrostic poem)

Couldn’t feel his fingers anymore

Yet it didn’t matter since the ones he flexed weren’t really his

Being part robot did have its uses… 55 more words

Acrostic Poem

Only Us

Ah, what the hell!

Here’s me fantasising about breaking out of my acrostic straitjacket and letting rip with cascades of free-verse epics and oceans of prose extravaganzas, when along comes another WordPress Daily Prompt with a word I can’t resist! 184 more words


Fast (an acrostic poem)

Feasting on nothing

Already full of emptiness

Shannon looked at her world in front of her

Taking the void in both hands, she embraced infinity

Acrostic Poem

Time and Tide

D oncha got a clue who I am, occifer?
I were this big ‘fore you was grass-high to a knee-hopper
S o howzabout a little respect where it’s due, huh? 61 more words