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Hungry (an acrostic poem)

He looked at her through the window of the restaurant

Until then he had been satisfied with his life

Now he knew he wanted something more… 41 more words

Acrostic Poem


Traumatic days and agonizing pain means a bitter life.

Injured from the wounds from the endless mental suffering.

Restless nights caused by the never ending panic. 23 more words

Poetry (an acrostic poem)

Perhaps it is the way words touch our souls

Or it could be the sensualness of their sounds

Either way, when paired down to their essence… 23 more words

Acrostic Poem

An Acrostic Poem for You

This is a neat picture I found on the internet and I thought it was super cool so I decided to share it with you guys :)


Kittens are cute

Kittens are cute

In the winter they cuddle

They are soft and fuzzy

They are fun and playful

End of winter they are on their own… 11 more words


Enduring Contradictions

Popular in word
Around the world
Though uncommon
In practice.
Enduring contradiction:
Need immortalized in shouted
Creeds building up to
Empty promises.