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Twist (an acrostic poem)

Thomas watched her every move.

Whimpering she waited for him.

Is it the way she wiggled that behind?

She crouched down watching him with those eyes screaming do it. 9 more words


Grace (an acrostic poem)

Given freely without strings

Radical idea of respecting a person’s humanity

Allowing them space to make mistakes

Carrying them when they have fallen down

Enhancing both lives


I’ve known my friend, Rhonda for 30 years now.  We met in the spring of 1986 when we were both trying out for our high school’s drill/dance team.   296 more words


Music (an acrostic poem)

Magic brought to life

Undoing the chains of the mundane

Sending my soul soaring

Into the starry sky above

Courting the infinite

Acrostic Poem

Toddler (an acrostic poem)

Tells it like it is, even in public

Oblivious to the stares and giggles

Doing untold things inside a diaper

Despite parents encouraging using the potty… 23 more words

Acrostic Poem

Fear (an acrostic poem)

Feeling of desperation instead of empowerment

Encouraging helplessness instead of action

Asking for deliverance instead of enabling

Reacting instead of enacting… 8 more words

Acrostic Poem

Acrostic poems 

​Pikachu electric to the touch

Oddish almost edible

Killing other pokemon

Electrabuzz full of electricity

Manche the monkey

Over the whole world

Never will you not find a pokemon… 17 more words