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Rising of Joy 

Rise through the shiny light as that bonding of joy seeks to it’s kindly moments.

In a wink of an eye, there’s that true feeling rising above. 75 more words


Acrostic poem: "Chocolate"

Well, I’ve written about other food, but somehow not this. Can’t have winter without chocolate, especially hot chocolate. 46 more words



What a yuk! Flagrantly arbitrary invitations, reminders.


Deal 836: Acrostic reflected nonnet

Peace indicates to those that will see,
Egos in hand, seeking knowledge,
Allaying feared ignorance,
Calming riled intellects,
Equipped to question.
Free to study,
Understand, 31 more words

Daily Deal

Two Princess Poems

Earlier today, this was where I was living:

Sheltered in Obscurity

Her name is known to only very few –
It seems the world to all her gifts is blind. 414 more words


GLADvent Day 2

Welcome, one and all, to GLADvent Day two! We began yesterday, with the quality of kindness, as played with in this acrostic poem:

And now, can you find the second stocking? 91 more words


Thoughtless encroachments, ransoms requested or rapture.