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W owed in every way on every day…ALL

O nly this family here is a community…DAYS

N ow we all have issues but we are better…MANY… 77 more words


My Family

Kind and beautiful, you’ve captured my heart.
Although at times you try my patience, I couldn’t live apart.
Truly I do love your carefree easy way. 216 more words


Oh, The Blood of Jesus...

(an acrostic prayer)

Overseeing Father, infinite supplier of grace and mercy, we come to Thank You for saving us through the blood of Your Son, Jesus. 364 more words


Destiny is rising
As chirpy spirits sing.
Yesterday is shadowed
By light the new day brings.
Rousing hope is shining,
Each time the dawn arrives… 7 more words


In the Works

So you think nothing can stop you?
Please! There is more you don’t know…
As the stars don’t really rise
Not even at moonrise… 19 more words


Boat House

Born in a tepid hurry. Opinions  upset Sister Elizabeth.



F or a while it’s been asked

I t’s been very suggested too

N ow does she see me? Well?

A ll things point to just you!!! 30 more words