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15th January 2018

Bumble through flowers

Existence both name and game

Eyes of five compound

Acrostic Poetry - Angst

Anxiety and apprehension refusing me calmness.

No refuge in my thoughts.

Grown babies contributing to the current

State of the world. I’m feeling… 8 more words


Coming Out

it was never meant to be, moonshine midnight

air laced with tantalising jinx
make me yearn for the day I come out of hiding

but right now I am lost… 50 more words



A few thoughts by inky on todays daily prompt


Sat in a room, lined with literary works

The lad peers through his assessment

Understandably, he might not produce the works of Keats this evening, but with… 18 more words


King for a Day

Make a difference.
Aim for the sky.
Respect others.
Think big.
Inform yourself always;
No one else can be you. 50 more words


14th January 2018

After the fire you

Still bear the same name. Black buds

Hide Winter’s bare shame