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Stop submit and drop

Useless defences

Retaliation and

Reason and love

Endlessly enjoy living

Negotiate your judgement

Don’t give into fear

Engage in talking

Remember to be positive.

©Jacqui Slade


To any god who'll hear...

To any god who’ll hear, a prayer:
Ultimately a wish for better health for
Every being, including myself,
Selfish though it may be;
Deliverance from all the world’s evils and pains… 71 more words



Before the dawn of time it was determined

Everlasting love awarded to those who wait

Life’s meaning played to the beat of one heart… 27 more words



Do you know where you’re going?
Is it someplace you want to be?
Remember where you stand right now
Even should you lie to me. 35 more words

I Am Aries

Assumed First of ecliptic reign

Roving realms of vigor entwined with passion

Infrared diamonds influential promise

Enterprising dynamic leaders

Systematic jaunts rouse large bodies of adventure

I am Aries


Muse Temptation

Tenacious overwhelming feeling

Echoes of your voice… I’m dreaming

Moments… exposing… revealing

Poetry can be deceiving…

Thorns on a gentle flower,

A sparkle igniting fire, 18 more words


I'LL TRY AND FLY ONE DAY NOW TOO (double acrostic running haiku)

I love how you too

Like to soar up to heaven

Letting go of life,

‘Til you understand

Reality is not a

Yard in which you play. 29 more words