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Exuberant Whirling: An Acrostic By Nalini Priyadarshni

Nalini Priyadarshni is a poet, writer, editor and amateur photographer. Her work has appeared at various international magazines and lit journals including Up the Staircase Weekly, eFiction India, Mad Swirl, Crescent Magazine, The Riveter Review, Writes & Lovers Café, The Gambler, Camel Saloon, Earl of Plaid, CUIB-NEST-NIDO, and The Open Road Review, Phoenix Photo and Fiction, Undertow Tanka besides numerous anthologies including Resonance, I Am Woman, Awakening of She, Art of Being Human etc. 128 more words



Now I’ll sing of my greatest fear

Of the taste of the realm of nothingness

Teasing and taunting like a missing limb… 53 more words


Verse - Thanksgiving (acrostic)

Thanksgiving Pilgrims and Wampanoag all

Huddled together to eat by the fire.

After the Palefaces learned to trap fowl,

Native Americans also taught fair… 68 more words



Biding its time until the right moment

Reaching beyond for that one precious second

Innocently (not so innocently) letting you think that you can do it… 30 more words


Just So Much More

So often they are shoved aside

Ignored, not even given a ride

Don’t forget, even as you are ignored

Even heroes need to have someone who’s bored… 34 more words


poem-about you

Just in time

One brief interlude

Honest and true

Necessary connections

Before departure

Intertwined arms

Release the endorphins and

Dopamine that make love.


Joy of Spring – Acrostic Poem

November is the month of the glorious Jacaranda.

Wishing you all a great  week filled with love and happiness!