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Tacit agreement recognized, got everyone targeted.


Don't Get It Right, Just Get It Written!

Acrostic advice to myself in response to the Daily Prompt Learning

Let’s raise a glass to┬áTrial and
Error – Have a go… 40 more words



abstract thoughts flow from
minds which were once closed,
originality a requirement
running towards the truth,
points of view colliding
hovering over the honesty
only opening up to those… 7 more words

First Gym Day

F orgot the feeling to hit a gym…HIT

I n the hotel very little in options…MY

R eadily expected shoulders to fail…CHEST

S tarted slowly and my warmup spoke…THEN… 78 more words



star-crossed lovers
travel through time
releasing energies
across the galaxies,
testing father time
over centuries.
spinning stories of romance
past the non-believers
here and now, 10 more words

A SchizoAcrostic

Scared to death half the time

Commits little self-scarring crimes

How I wish I would be fine

Inside my mind shows cuts that bled

Zany thoughts race through my head… 66 more words

Mental Health

Golly Gee

Gettin’ old, lazy. Last year’s gone, empty, embers.