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Painting for January 12: This painting is cooler than me

I regret that I made it all the way through my teens and twenties without ever getting an undershave, gutless wimp that I was (am).  This painting is about as close as I’ll ever come to having that hairstyle myself…

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Detail of a Small Painting In Process

Detail of an almost completed small painting in process — Using blue and yellows acrylic paints and acrylic medium for blending to achieve greens; with some hint of yellow and blue impasto (acrylic on canvas; 12 x 9 in.)


My Original Artwork-in-Progress (Update 2) ~ A Medieval Fair

This is my second update about my Original Artwork-in-Progress ~ A Medieval Fair (18″ x 24″), and I’m happy with how it’s unfolding so far.  I continued the theme of trying to create a softer distance impression in the background from the sky down through the mountains and forests, allowing them to fade into a fog shrouded dreamscape.   270 more words

Mark D. Jones

Painting for January 10: my new bff

Have you met my new best friend?  It’s Liquitex’s Airbrush Medium, and by gum, this just might be the answer to my prayers: a medium that makes acrylics… 25 more words

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"Submerged Sunlight"

“Submerged Sunlight” (2017)
Acrylic on canvas; 12 x 9 in.


In Need of a Reminder!

Created this as a reminder that the boat, lake, and beach are that way and waiting for the arrival of warm weather. It’s been a rather cold and snowy winter thus far. 14 more words

Susan Feniak Originals

Pansies to Plant

I painting I did in my friend Diana’s backyard.