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Progress on "Impromptu No. 2"

Progress on “Impromptu No. 2” (acrylic on canvas; 8 x 8 in.) … Got great feedback from fellow artists at last night’s session of The Field Miami.


Working on Finishing "Impromptu No. 2"

Raking light on a detail of “Impromptu No. 2” (acrylic on canvas; 8 x 8 in.) … finally working on finishing this piece after starting it a couple of years ago.


Progress on "Impromptu No. 3"

Progress on “Impromptu No. 3” (acrylic on canvas; 8 x 8 in.) … I need to find my cadmiun medium orange paint tube to complete it … Presented at last night’s session of The MiamiField Workshop (Fall 2017).


Time for some epic bashing..

Or as we call it in the epic Ramayana, Dussehra – where Sri Rama defeats Ravana, the King of Lanka signifying the victory of Good over Evil.

Back to Self Portraits

In college I painted probably over 10 self portraits. I even made etchings, lithographs, and countless drawings of myself in pencil, charcoal, and pastel. Trust me, it is not because of vanity; I’m just a very cheap model. 243 more words


Donki ko lo football jersey

Donki ko lo football jersey is the fanagalo name for a Zebra.  I have always found it aptly descriptive. Fanagalo is the linga franca language used in the South African mines, composed of frequently corrupted elements of the Nguni, English and Afrikaans languages. 61 more words