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New paintings in the making

I am starting to use metalic colored paintings. I have used them in the past and love the color and effect it brings. I either use copper, silver , tin and gold paints. 152 more words

Painting: Fish Party

full image:


Fish Party

mixed media on watercolour paper
(acrylics, black ink, pencil)
size approx 15″ x 22″ (approx 38 cm x  55.8 cm) 30 more words


Painting: Never in a Million Years

subtitle: (Would I consider creating a “planet” painting)

full size: approx 15.25″ x 18.75″


“Never in a Million Years”
(Would I consider creating a “planet” painting) 45 more words


Painting: Speak to Me! New Work

  Speak to Me!
New Work

© deb davies thorkelson   |   april 29th, 2015

See the outcome of this painting here.


Painting: Fishful Thinking

Fishful Thinking

Acrylics & Black Ink on watercolour paper
approx 7.5″ x 11″ (approx 19 cm x 28 cm)

© deb davies thorkelson   |     april 2015… 6 more words


Painting in progress: "Flip Side"

I’m currently working out some composition issues with this abstract piece. I keep telling myself just to go for it; it’s only paint on paper & the beauty of working abstract forms with acrylic paints is “anything goes!” Or at least “anything can be painted over!” 60 more words


Painting: Layers of Time

I had painted this Pointsettia on really crummy watercolour paper many years ago. It wasn’t a painting that I would hang on the wall and enjoy looking at, so it languished in my files for a very long time. 126 more words