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Chrome & Broken

This is the fifth painting in a little series of fish paintings. 10″x10″ acrylic paintings.

This one is particularly loose and free. I rather quickly developed some bold blends and marks and knew I could only muddle what I had… Knowing when to stop!

Collector's Choice: Anna Hryniewicz


80 x 80 cm

Anna Hryniewicz draws us into her colour fields by her vigorous, dramatic and energetic painting. I want to live in these colourscapes – whether they be landscape, mindscape, or heartscape. 633 more words

Fine Art

Emily White - Portraits Art Exhibition

As I finish my BFA at Pacific Lutheran University, I find myself seeking inspiration within my own experiences, emotions, as well as what I find in nature. 79 more words


The Making of 'Repel'

In this post I will discuss how I created ‘Repel’ the next painting in my abstract series and the companion piece to ‘Welcome’:


I planned the painting first on paper using the theme of self-destruction and voluntary isolation as my starting point. 195 more words


acrylic painting self portrait

A self portrait in acrylic. About 40 minutes.