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7 in 1

Acrylic on panel board, the overall size is about 120 cms X 80 cms which means the smaller pictures are postcard size. This was another framed print I painted over and started again.


The Making of 'Inevitable'

You may have noticed that I’ve recently taken a slight departure from my usual detailed paintings and gone for something more minimalist. I’ve been forced into this by the fact that my hand can’t cope with day after day of extreme fine detail work and – prepare yourself for a technical medical term – has decided to get all hurty. 557 more words



“Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame.” G. K. Chesterton 13 more words


Finally, an Update!

It has been ages since i’ve updated my blog here and part of that is just the craziness of school. It doesn’t leave me much time to post online. 399 more words

Big Eyes and Butterflies 5x7" Art Print

A whimsical brown-haired girl with big blue eyes loves to stroll through the forests chasing beautiful butterflies.

This is a 5×7″ print made from my original acrylic painting. 114 more words

5x7" Print

The same only different

The same only different

We can’t go back in time.
Except in our mind’s eye.
As we try to – unfortunately it is often with little exactitude. 406 more words