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Getting a bit cerebral about the painting...

I think I’ve got it in me to start working on the 30″x30″ square composition in acrylic…realizing that the photograph is just a starting point.  913 more words


My latest painting

I just finished this painting today.  It is acrylics on canvas.  These are roses that my best friend sent to me after learning I graduated college last June.   39 more words

Upcoming Event: Take 5

On August 20th and 21st, join us for a unique event where you can meet five local artists and see their work! Details below. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Trindledown Farm In West Berkshire

Hello Everyone

I wanted to share with you a brilliant charity I discovered earlier this year.

First of all I have loved animals since I  was a toddler, where ever I saw animals growing up I wanted to pet and cuddle them… 353 more words

Guitar and Saxophone in Acrylics

Here are a few musical instrument paintings done with acrylics in my sketchbook. Unfortunately the guitar and sax have been lying around the flat unplayed for a long time. 92 more words


The Power of Cranes Compels You

Speaking of that Color class I took back in the day, these are another two paintings I did. The assignment was to cut two sides out of a cardboard box, line the other two with colored paper, place a white object inside, and paint the scene under two different lighting conditions. 68 more words

well well well

it’s a funny thing to give up on what drives you.. its always there in the back of your mind.. niggling away.. a piece missing so to speak.. 113 more words