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Melting Streams

In this painting, I had fun with big bold splashes of color and the effect of spraying water to create beautiful color streams.

Finished Painting:

“Melting Streams”

OPC Planet and The Void + Pulsar and The Void - a 2 part series

I painted two paintings today showing my two favorite imaginary characters, my superhero alter ego “OPC Planet” and my other favorite, “Pulsar”  In this two part series, I show them battling “The Void”  The Void is so large that you only see a portion of it behind OPC Planet and Pulsar. 41 more words

Creepy Korean Ninja

I love American Ninja Warrior and this week I got to go to a special Ninja camp at my Ninja gym and work with one of the best Ninjas competing, Abel Gonzales.  188 more words


I got this piece of opal from the rock and gem show at the fairgrounds.  I love the bright orange color of it embedded in the rock. 41 more words

Majestic Eel

Last year, Dolphins were my favorite creatures.  This year I’m loving snakes, so it stands to reason that my favorite ocean dweller is the majestic eel.  47 more words

The External Creepiness

This painting is a creepy PacMan devouring a planet sized dot.

I’m discovering scary, spooky, and creepy this year.  How scary would it be to have this giant Pac Man devouring something as large as a planet?  23 more words

Expressionistic "Donny's Guitar"

I am really enjoying doing paintings in this new expressionistic style! I have done approximately fifteen pieces in this style since last summer. I am happy to say, as soon as I posted this guitar painting on Facebook, I had one of my FB friends buy it. 33 more words