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From Spring Cleaning, 2015.


The little car
red the color of tomato bisque soup
and round like a tomato, too, if you stretch…

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At the Table

“At the Table”, 18″ x 18″, acrylics, January 2018.


Thursday's Face......

Yes, I know – I’m a day behind with posting – But, it was worth waiting for, wasn’t it? This is an acrylic profile of my youngest daughter, when she was in that cute baby stage when every time you look at them you want to take their photograph! 115 more words

Seized My Brain.....

Yep, this one did! Yesterday’s face, 5/17. I almost forgot to cook supper, I don’t remember any of the music I was listening too, all I remember is my internal commentary going on and on and on…..(well, to be honest, sometimes I mutter stuff out loud ;-) ) I don’t remember the specifics after the thread of focus is broken but it runs somewhere along the lines of a series of questions and answers, a little, lighter, a little darker, too red, not red enough, what am I seeing? 102 more words

Drummer Friend and His Grandson

This is the same quondam friend whose fractured portrait I posted a day or two ago.

Because I am working on a longer term project, which cannot be revealed in stages as it is going to be a wedding surprise for a couple who are marrying on June 23, I am posting a piece or two or three (!) I did a few months back. Happy Art Making!


Spring flowers

This year has been a brilliant one for my Hellebores which have quadrupled in size.

I’ve been wanting to paint them for some time but couldn’t bring myself to cut any when there were only one or two flowers – but this year is quite different. 55 more words