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ACS Fellows engaged in UG research

The class of 2016 ACS fellows was announced on July 18, 2016 – and undergraduate research in chemistry is well-represented.

Carroll, Mary K.

“…highly productive, cross-disciplinary research group composed of faculty and students…”

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Compressor Problems in Auto ACs: Facts from Sunshine Coast Mechanics

Driving a car without sufficient air conditioning can be torture during some times of the year. When the temperatures are high, your auto AC becomes our best friend. 89 more words

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About the webinar

James Kennedy will explore the rise of chemophobia, an irrational fear of compounds perceived as ‘synthetic’, and the damage it can cause in this interactive webinar. 85 more words


The Shame 21

Another one of those awful AC installations I have brought up in previous entries.  Also, though not as cluttered as others, there are some items on that porch that should not be…and the lawn needs some attention.


Should the Caribbean and Latin America should integrate more ?

Caribbean nations could work more closely together to promote trade and tourism and battle climate change and can integrate more closely with Latin America, say top politicians. 811 more words


The Shame 15

I’m at a loss for words with this one.  The home model is relatively new and the paint job looks recent too.  Unlike some of the older models where the wear and tear is part of the reason for their lack of appeal, this home could be so nice.  15 more words


The Shame 11

I debated including this photo.  The biggest offense is the AC, but as mentioned previously, that is a common problem at Swan Lake.  There is also the lack of care for the lawn.  48 more words