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Praying for Paris

My heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, November 13, 2015. I cannot even fathom the amount of heartache and despair that’s filled the lives of so many. 10 more words


... all lives matter...

I have recently seen pictures going up on social media of African American people with the tag line:

Black lives matter

This, in response to the highly publicized deaths of several African American individuals, deaths that occurred within the last couple of years, and which were a result of, or happened after an encounter with police officers… usually white police officers.  

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Is Anyone Really Listening?

Does Terrorism Still Exist?

Many narrowly define ‘terrorism’ as an act of violence against civilians for political or religious reasons. This feels very 1970s. This definition suffers immediately from the problem of perspective: are you an evil terrorist or an heroic freedom fighter. 85 more words

Current Thoughts

Second Run Showcase :: Hunter-Hunted! Ruthless, Relentless, Merciless Manhunt! (March, 1951)

Two of my favorite actors in the same film? We can have such things? Yes. Yes we can. Not to mention a fantastic supporting role surprise from Mary Astor. 38 more words

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