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Pleasures of youth so fleeting,

Can have the older ones bleating…

Just one more hook

To more than just look,

Most times it’s self-defeating.

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30 is the New Whatever

The best thing about being 30 so far is simply other people’s reactions to me being 30.

“OMG!! – You’re THIRTY!!” Said as if I’m as ancient as the Great Wall of China of something. 788 more words

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my word

When you’re not of age

They ask for your I.D. please

Unless you look forty

Not today, no sir

They just gave me the discount

Senior citizen

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Raving Old Ducks

Life never ceases to surprise me. A few weeks ago I went to a hen party. One of my dearest friends got married this year. For the first time! 274 more words

To Those Who Tell People What Not to Wear After a Certain Age

(Disclaimer:  This is my opinion.  I’m allowed to have it as much as you’re allowed to disagree with it.)

(Also a disclaimer:  I worked retail for several years and know how to dress myself and what looks good on me.   915 more words


Before 24

As of yesterday, it is officially three months until I turn 24. Here are some of the things I want to accomplish before 24. 466 more words


A Milestone

There are milestones in life: things that change us or that mark our changes, things we’ll remember and reminisce about during maudlin times or family times. 488 more words

Short Takes On Life