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Octogenarian at 20

I’m starting to think that I just might be an old person trapped in a young person’s body. I have a lot of free time, so it’s kind of like being retired, I guess, and this makes me act like a person about four times my actual age of 20: 246 more words


Stop being a brat.

Yesterday, my friends Sean, Pat, and Phoebe came back from a bike trip in Iowa. They work on these bike trips to help set up tents, cook food, and drive equipment to the next bike stop. 624 more words

Diary Entry

Middle Age

Since I intend to live to at least one hundred, I guess, technically, that makes me currently middle-aged.

When I’m interviewed on my 100th birthday (save the date: 10/08/2066), I will credit my longevity to… 270 more words

Mary Lamphere

Why You Shouldn't Act Your Age

One thing you’re always hearing when you grow up is that you should act your age but I think that’s a load of crap. Honestly, what does that even mean? 237 more words


No, I will not act my age

‘Granpa, do you miss being a kid?’

Not the sort of question you expect to come, à propos of nothing, from a seven year old tucking enthusiastically into his breakfast.  487 more words


Profile Pics Part two.

(for tips 1-6 – see here)

7. Get out the house.

The general advice on the websites is true – it’s better to have a photo taken of yourself out side / enjoying yourself / among people rather than a lone, indoors selfie which gives you the appearance of a double chin you don’t even possess.  1,002 more words


In Praise of Baggage


If I find myself on a date with someone, cautiously editing what I did last weekend because I was doing loads of stuff with my young son and they can’t relate to that, chances are I’m with the wrong person.    598 more words