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Before 24

As of yesterday, it is officially three months until I turn 24. Here are some of the things I want to accomplish before 24. 466 more words


A Milestone

There are milestones in life: things that change us or that mark our changes, things we’ll remember and reminisce about during maudlin times or family times. 488 more words

Short Takes On Life

Act your age.

If you have some thing to say get a blog tell the world about it. 7 more words


Act your age

I hate it when people tell me that.

Just how old do they think that I am? Some of my co-workers were whispering to each other once upon a time, “It might be, he went to his concert, it would fit with his age”. 428 more words


Acting Your Age: What does it mean...and does it matter?

Part of my 2016 resolutions are to do more things that scare me. In fact, a reminder, that that is actually my definition of traveling – and this  541 more words

Act your age

This weekend we are off to the olds, which is quite a strange thing to say considering I am an ‘old’ myself.

I am quite torn about going away this weekend as hubster isn’t with me and I will be fending all 3 children myself, which wouldn’t normally be a problem if we weren’t going to a house that you have to treat like glass. 288 more words

Today you are You

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.  Dr. Seuss,

These are the heart-tug days, when your only grand-daughter is half a world away, eight  time zones ahead.

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