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Going through the motions...

Sex… I’ve had a lot of it. More than most people I know. Evidently I should be quite good at it right?

Sadly I’m not. 290 more words


Madonna Responds To 'Women Hating Bigots' Who Say She Doesn't Act Her Age

Madonna recently took umbrage with those who have criticized her for not acting her age. The pop singer is 58-years-old.

Her response? She posted a photo of herself sucking her thumb. 187 more words




Great to see Arisaig Community Trust director, Heather MacDougall, and volunteer, Alison O’Rourke, at the Lochaber Voscars! Heather and Alison were accepting an award at the Voscars ceremony (9th June 2016) on behalf of ACT, who were runners up in the ‘Organisation of the Year’ category, for ‘making our community a better place to live’. 69 more words

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It's Up To You

There is a universal truth that surrounds everything, no matter what you believe. If you’re an atheist, Christian, Jew, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, entrepreneur, business tycoon, stay at home mom, employee, world traveler, model, fashionista . 505 more words

The Wonder Of Life

What’s the History of the US False Claims Act and Why Does it Matter?

The US False Claims Act is responsible for returning billions of dollars stolen from the US government. When people commit fraud against the government, with the knowledge they are doing so, they violate the US False Claims Act. 48 more words

via Daily Prompt: Pretend

You will either put up a smile and walk through the show,

Or you will talk to someone else and hide it though, 78 more words


When there is good understanding

When one teaches the son the things that he truly must do, thus one doesn’t have to tell him the things not to do. Because in truth, with the act of the son or what the son will do thus good understanding truly will be. 117 more words