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Food For Thought

I read this quote somewhere and it stuck. Thought I should share the gem of wisdom.

“You cannot think yourself into a new way of acting, rather you have to act yourself into a new way of thinking.”

– author Unknown.


Teeth Brushing!!!!! 

Why do so many people have gross looking teeth!? Please tell me! Is it really that catastrophic to wake up in the morning and spend a solid 3 to 5 minutes (if you’re slow) to clean your mouth properly? 72 more words

Top Books to Read this Year: From the Booksellers

We asked two wonderful Canberran book retailers what their top 3 books to read this year were. This post supplements a bunch of articles found in the May edition of… 389 more words

ACT Writers Centre

Affordable Care Act Marketplace: One More Step Closer to Better RCM

One of the provisions in the ObamaCare Act, more formally known as the Affordable Care Act, is the establishment of a marketplace where applicants can get insurance information as well as multiple quotations and seamlessly enroll all on one go. 110 more words


Does False Claims Act Litigation Fall Under the Whistleblower Law Umbrella?

To understand how False Claims Act litigation under federal law fits with the Whistleblower Act, we first need to discuss exactly what the false claims law is, what it requires, and who’s penalized by it. 47 more words

Here’s How to Help a Loved One Who’s Been Retrenched Get Back on Their Feet

Losing your job when you’re young sucks, but not as much as it does when you’re middle aged, have a mortgage to pay off, a family to support or kids whose survival of the education system depends on your ability to pay for their tuition classes. 1,186 more words

Money Matters

Velvet at QPAC

After dazzling audiences around the globe, the award winning hit show Velvet returns to Brisbane and would have to be the most amazing, hilarious, and enjoyable shows I have seen in a while. 124 more words