Everyone has a gift.  For a long time I thought gifts came in BIG packages with bright red bows, labeled “GIFT” —I think that’s why it took me so long to see mine.  82 more words

Should Actors Send Thank You Cards To Agents, Casting Directors & Directors After an Audition?

A well-known acting teacher is advising actors to ‘bribe.’ A $10 to $15 gift-card as a “Thank You for Seeing Me” must be sent by every actor to each director, casting director, and talent representative after that actor has been granted an audition opportunity by the entertainment industry gate-keepers. 959 more words

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Welcome to Allison Asher!

The Chicago Actors Studio would like to welcome our newest instructor, Allison Asher.

A teacher and coach for nearly a decade, Allison has trained and performed at theaters and schools from San Francisco to Moscow. 239 more words

Talent Agent Charges Clients Additional Fee as Part of Representation

Representing NYC-based actors a talent agent, based in the Philadelphia area, apparently charges clients a fee as part of representation. The three-figure fee is stated by the agent as “a necessity.” Required so that the actor be included on the agent’s website. 1,051 more words

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How Actors Get Auditions & Agents Via Google ‘Secret’

Think you know where casting notices lurk? Breakdown Services, Actors Access, Back Stage, Casting Networks, Playbill, Google app… wait, what, huh Google what?

Google has a little known digital aggregate spy that will let an actor know about projects to be cast long before a casting notice or breakdown is released to industry. 827 more words

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How to Audition On-Camera Auditions for Modern Casting

Is the traditional actor’s reel a hipster man-bun bound for extinction? Yes.

Are on-camera auditions recorded in a casting director’s office (or in the office of the actor’s rep.) as relevant to the modern casting process as is Kim Kardashian is to winning a Pulitzer for literature? 1,204 more words


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