Rules Every Actor's Should Know 

There are thousands upon thousands of actors in Nollywood alone and upcoming would are ready to join the industry — each one hoping for that one big break that will launch their career. 774 more words

Acting Tips

What If A Parent Doesn’t Celebrate Your Acting Career? by Robin Riker

Film Courage: I think this might be part of your new book but this is something that you talked about in terms of getting self-absorbed in Hollywood? 764 more words


"Why is it bad luck to say 'Macbeth' in the theater?" and more Thespian Superstitions

Have you ever been given looks if you happen to say “Macbeth” in the theater? Or have you heard it mentioned that you should never say it before a show? 1,133 more words


How To Get An Audition and Lose It

Some actors can win, and then lose auditions online as easily as Donald Trump insults via a tweet.

While casting the AEA national tour of a popular musical, a non-union actor’s submission earned attention from among the slush pile of submissions from non-represented actors. 798 more words


The Art of the Perfect Monologue

I happen to love performing monologues.

Whenever I’m not in a regular acting class or working on set for a project, I feel like its a great way to keep my acting chops sharp. 549 more words

Auditioning for Drama School: An Interview with Malaika Wilson

Auditioning for drama school can be a nerve-wracking and uncertain experience. With competition being fiercer than getting a place at University, it’s no surprise that many hopefuls approach the decision with doubt and anxiety. 920 more words