Top 5 Free Acting Job Websites in Los Angeles

The internet boom has given birth to a number of websites that works as jobs directory in which actors are able to find casting calls… 181 more words

Casting Calls

Social Media & The Modern Entertainer | 7 Tips to Showcase your Best Self

Entertainers, I’m sure at some point social media’s effect on your career crossed your mind. If your social presence is an after-thought, I hope this article opens your mind to a new tool towards your growth and success. 946 more words


Southern Welcome

Hey y’all! Welcome to my page. In the future I’ll be posting advice for both techs and actors. For now, let’s get some basic facts out of the way. 103 more words

Acting Tips

Succeeding in drama school auditions

 9 Dealing with nerves

One of the hardest aspects of auditions – both in professional and drama school auditions – is dealing with your nerves. You really want that part, or to get into that drama school, and in a sense it feels as if your life depends on it. 439 more words

Tackling Shakespeare as a young actor

The language of Shakespeare might easily put some people off. Unfamiliar words, antithesis, oxymorons, sonnets, blank verses and linguistically demanding monologues, it is no wonder that some people might be terrified of this 400 year-old bearded man with a frilly collar. 593 more words


Bonus class :)

Although I was only supposed to have one class with Suzanna last week, someone wasn’t able to make it to the Tuesday class, so I was called in : ) Originally, I was only going to do a scene from Damages, but someone else was doing the Maggie’s Plan scene I had auditioned the day before, so I got another chance to step into Maggie’s shoes. 679 more words