Shakespeare's Birthday Headshot Tip No.1

As we are celebrating the great English bard’s 448th birthday today I thought I’d reveal a little know, recently discovered text by him called ‘Shakespeare’s Top Ten Tips For a Great Headshot’ and I’ve managed to get a sneak preview of tip no.1. 9 more words

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A Casting Director’s Bait & Switch with Actors? – Caution!

A NYC casting director for background and commercial casting is baiting actors.

The hook begins promising. The casting director entices actors to read for the casting director as an exploration of the actor’s abilities. 637 more words

How To Become An Actor

The Flexible Actor

“Make a plan. Follow the plan.”

That’s advice about setting and reaching goals that came from a motivational speaker five years ago. As I sat in his workshop in north Texas, I realized I had spent little time doing either step. 498 more words

Learning To Act

Preparing For Your Audition

Quite possibly two of the most stressful times for an actor are the headshot session and the audition. Every actor knows how important it is to have a killer headshot and often when actors come to my studio for new headshots I can feel the pressure they are putting themselves under to get aRead more…

Actors Headshots In London

The Weekend Tip 4: Breathing.

JP’s Observation: I have given this note in a few of the Women of Troy audition appointments. Something about the states-of-being for various characters in the audition sides chosen makes me think about it. 183 more words


The Weekend Tip 2: Using Shakespeare's Language.

Suggestion: Don’t Hide from The Language.

Shakespeare is yet to be dethroned. His body-of-work remains a go-to due to its scope and quality. For actors in the theatre, it is difficult to avoid his work. 183 more words

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