Why Your Headshot and Resume Are So Important

Obviously I’m biased because I’m an actors headshot photographer but a great headshot is incredibly is important in marketing yourself as an actor. I came across this great article in Backstage by a well known American casting director Robert B Martin Jr. 10 more words

Actors Headshots In London

Uta Hagen's 9 Questions For Actors

Following on from yesterdays post I’ve had quite a few of you ask me what actually are ‘Uta Hagen’s 9 Questions’
As photographer who specialises in shooting headshots for actors I often take headshots of young and aspiring thespians, many of whom are still studying and constantly looking forRead more…

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Preparing For Your Audition

Quite possibly two of the most stressful times for an actor are the headshot session and the audition. Every actor knows how important it is to have a killer headshot and often when actors come to my studio for new headshots I can feel the pressure they are putting themselves under to get aRead more…

Actors Headshots In London

A New Lesson From Long Ago

First Published backstage.com Oct. 30, 2014

I was a student in graduate school at the University of Illinois. It was the first year of its master’s program in acting and, consequently, they didn’t have a handle on who would teach what. 474 more words

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Daylight Actors Headshots in Hackney

Actors Headshots in Hackney
Daylight actors headshots are becoming more popular to the point that some Agents actually specify that they want to see a “daylight headshot”. 25 more words

Actors Headshots In London

Uta Hagen's Acting Class

The legendary acting teacher Uta Hagen gives some great advice and tips on being an actor.
Also well known for her ‘9 questions for finding your character’ this short video gives some… 8 more words

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