In my senior year of high school, I ran for Class President and spent most of my speech convincing classmates to take me seriously, although I slept through almost every single period and even got kicked out of class a couple times. 1,202 more words

Improving Your Improv: Some Helpful Advice

What makes improv unique is its natural spontaneity and high level of unpredictability, and if you can pull this off, that’s when you win the hearts of the audience. 301 more words


5 acting games that can be played at home

Yesterday was drama school, Friday is audition day and today? Today is a day your kid can practice their acting skills through some fun drama games. 732 more words

Child Actors

Don't Waste Time: 5 Ways your Kid Can Practice Acting at Home

Your kid may have already started auditioning. Or maybe you are just beginning to apply for casting calls. In either scenario, you are faced with time spent waiting for answers. 455 more words

Child Actors

Feel comfortable in front a camera

To all those actors out there, whether it be for short films with your friends or the big screen, you have to learn how to be comfortable in front of the camera. 59 more words


The Background Actor with The Extra Smell

Paul Russell – author ACTING: Make It Your Business, director & casting director

Background actors, also known as extras, are often the most underappreciated and despised positions of employ within screen acting. 1,460 more words