Non-Actor Kids in the Austin Acting Scene

I was nine when the acting bug bit.  From then on I was obsessed with watching musicals, dissecting actor performances and reveling in the magic of movies. 933 more words

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Boxing Ring to Box Office, Interview with Austin A-List Actor Holt Boggs

The Inside Scoop with Holt Boggs

When did you know you wanted to be an actor?  What or who was your inspiration at the beginning? 1,554 more words

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Pay-to-play Auditions / Workshops: Who's to Blame?

Paul Russell

pay to play workshops / auditions

[Author’s Note: Pay-to-play workshops. With the recent report of casting director, Scott David, for ‘Criminal Minds’ being fired by CBS because of a conflict of interest with providing workshops to actors; an update from a prior… 1,235 more words


Using Verbs to Color Your Acting

One of the techniques I use in my Intro to Theatre Arts class is one that I’ve drawn from several different sources. It’s the idea of using an action verb to help describe what a person is supposed to do in a scene. 270 more words


Q&A: My Agent Isn't Getting Me Auditions, Help!

A fellow actress (not pictured) sent me a message this week:

Hey, Kelly!

I wanted to ask you how you feel about your agent. I have been with mine since October, and they have only sent me out on one audition and don’t seem to be submitting me for much.

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