Interview with WILDsound Performer Becky Shrimpton

It’s something I always look forward to. When I get an e-mail asking if I can come and read, it’s always a really exciting moment – I usually respond with a lot of exclamation points. 1,114 more words

Matthew Toffolo

10 Tips from Hollywood & B'way Talent Agents to Actors on a Successful Actor to Agent Relationship

Actors landing a talent agent may be the simplest career chore on an actor’s to do list. The harder toil? Keeping an agent; growing a successful professional relationship with the talent agent demands of the actor more than just booking gigs and paying the agent commission. 1,212 more words

How To Become An Actor

Why Your Headshot and Resume Are So Important

Obviously I’m biased because I’m an actors headshot photographer but a great headshot is incredibly is important in marketing yourself as an actor. I came across this great article in Backstage by a well known American casting director Robert B Martin Jr. 10 more words

Actors Headshots

Preparing For Your Audition

Quite possibly two of the most stressful times for an actor are the headshot session and the audition. Every actor knows how important it is to have a killer headshot and often when actors come to my studio for new headshots I can feel the pressure they are putting themselves under to get aRead more…

Actors Headshots

On Camera Classes For Kids and Teens

Starting April 19th, the Chicago Actors Studio will be starting a brand new workshop dedicated to on-camera training for kids and teens.

This class is designed to introduce young actors to the skills required to create a professional-grade performance on camera, including but not limited to: 305 more words

Upcoming Workshops

Make Sure Your Actors Headshot Looks Natural

Don’t Go Crazy With Retouching

So you’ve just had your actors headshots done and are really happy with the results but, you feel like they could do with a little extra ‘shuzzing’ you want to make sure they’ve got ‘The Wow Factor’. 10 more words

Actors Headshots