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Because of Faith - 5

Deus, who’s actual name is Tom, pats me on the back as he tells me congratulations. As I walked in the door, he just decided to promote me to bar-manager/bartender. 2,323 more words

#SimplyComplicated: A Review

Today I am doing a review on Demi Lovato’s new documentary titled Simply Complicated. Now bear with me because this is going to be my longest article yet, but I promise you by the end you will be sitting down to watch this documentary, whether out of pure curiosity, because my review swayed you, or because you have a love or maybe even dislike of Demi Lovato. 3,687 more words


3 Films in 3 Days

Ok, I admit it. I’m a movie junkie. There’s very little that I don’t like when it comes to films. I wish I could watch horror flicks, but the chicken-factor in me is off the chart in a darkened room. 692 more words

Lansing Anti Hero: Im Here To Work

Im joined By Adult Film actress, director, makeup woman, costumer Lucky Starr. we talk about how she got into porn and her adventures in the industry. 12 more words


Earning Merit Badges - Acting

This is a continuing series on the You Can Do It! The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls.

This is the second badge listed in the book that I earned, which is the fourth one to earn.   2,072 more words

The South

Mellow Yellow Episode 4: Capri Suns

Quinn: I guess I have to babysit you…

Ara: Yes. But, I’m older than you and better than you and stronger than you! (Sits on Quinn’s head) 157 more words

Back on the high stage again

No, dont get excited, I havent got a movie, or theater offer just yet. But next month I’ll be doing a Diversity & Inclusion presentation for a large group of people (about 110, I’ve been told) in Leeds, about life in my Civil Service Department, ooh! 518 more words

80's Pop