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The actor and the stage hand

I have to say, I don’t know how to think of him.

Our eyes met in the narrow and cramped backstage passages of the Bridewell theatre in London. 677 more words

Love Life London

Wonderful - Day 9

10th October 2015

This week we were back at Age UK filming another scene from our ‘meant to take a couple of months but have ended up taking half a year to make’ film ‘Wonderful’. 220 more words

Indie Film

Why my writing partner is my most important relationship.

Writing is difficult. It’s lonely and hard and self deprecating. Between the time I decided to write this post and actually wrote the first line, I checked my Gmail, Facebook, toyed with the idea of watching Orange is the New Black, convinced myself not to watch Orange is the New Black, bought a cup of turkey chili, went back and bought some crackers, washed an apple, stirred my chili, texted my writing partner, checked my Gmail again and started a conversation with the stranger next to me. 1,122 more words

Forceful tears

Sometimes I wonder how people in dramas get themselves to cry and act so wonderfully that it touched my heart so instantly, bringing me to tears. 179 more words

The old "Threatening people to delete you after you make a Facebook post they may or may not like", and the pros and cons of that.

Sometimes when words are taken as a threat, I laugh, because they are just words. But, when you post something like, “If you don’t like what I’m about to say, delete me”. 673 more words

The Fever-Episode 3


Watch season 1, episode 1 of The Fever!!! Derick investigates Jessica before Amber meets her. Find out a sex tip, and new toy name. Will we find out what happens when Amber reactivates her profile in the company’s database? Watch to find out……


Cinderella Casting

I’m not sure how this would run in a casting advert as actors can be a tad tricky when it comes to casting and being typecast. 417 more words