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The Ben Hecht Show Playwright Jim Sherman: "There is no better theater town in the country other than Chicago"

The Ben Hecht Show writer and performer Jim Sherman joins Rick in-studio to talk about Hecht’s unique rise to fame as a playwright, and what really interests people in his life today. 38 more words

After Hours With Rick Kogan

Review: Titanic - The Musical (*****)

Hey fellow theatre-goers!

Three days ago I went to see Titanic: The Musical. Yes, an actual musical about the titanic. I’ll be honest, when I booked my tickets I had my concerns about the show and whether it would just be the romanticised Leo and Kate story that was released in cinemas 19 years ago, but the production was so much more than that story, and actually told a touching, heart wrenching tale of the real life people who lived and died on the maiden voyage. 467 more words


Hoisted On My Own Petard, or What About Those Stage Directions?

I’ve taken to writing plays lately (not really the reason I haven’t posted in a while — my life has been somewhat tumultuous for months, but is returning to normal).  734 more words


Movie Review - The King Of Comedy

The King Of Comedy, Directed by Martian Scorsese and starting Robert De Niro is a dark comedy about a comedian struggling to find his big break in new York city.   148 more words

Movie Review

The Break Up

Hello blogging world!

After becoming single for the first time in almost 4 years (3 years and 9 months to be precise, but who’s counting?), I thought I’d start a blog to detail the trials and tribulations of being a single 20somthing in the UK. 1,053 more words


Philosophy for Fools

The Vienna Circle, neopositivism, was never able to bridge the difference between sign and reality. And those great philosophers of language, Wittgenstein and Heidegger, accept there remains an inaccessible mystery to meaning. 437 more words

this is what i do when... #3

Papa, Pirates, & Pork Booty

In Episode 3 of “this is what i do when i should be…” we explore Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, not far from Hemingway’s boyhood haunt of Walloon Lake near Petoskey. 277 more words