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Scott Sedita & The Ruby Slippers


Adult Commercial Class – Week Four

Luckily, at this 4th and last class, I was exhausted.  I had gotten up very early, around 3:30, to finally finish editing a friend’s project – a project that originally should have taken about 8 – 10 hours, but had ballooned to over 150, when I finally just stopped keeping track, so by the time I had to leave for class, early as usual, to avoid any and all potential problems that would get me to class late, leaving me standing on the wrong side of the locked door with the derisive Parking Valets on the Corner mocking me,  I was just too tired and a little cranky to care how it all would end. 1,663 more words


National Youth Theatre (NYT) Audition 2017

I think NYT is a great idea and a huge regret of mine is not having applied before now (I found out about it this year!)  218 more words


Behind a Mask

Behind a mask, I can shout.

Then they’ll all laugh about.

Entertain with no doubts.

Yet I’m so scared without.

Inspired by Peter Sellers – the man who put on so many masks, he barely who was behind them anymore.


Guilford School of Acting (GSA) Recall Audition 2017

As you may know from my first round blog post, I wasn’t a big fan of GSA.
However this audition was the nail in the coffin. 347 more words


Guilford School of Acting (GSA) First Round Audition 2017

This audition was heavily focused on the physical side of acting which I can’t say is my strongest skill. This was what occupied most of the day.  336 more words


Why the Conditions You're Creating Are Crippling You

The B&E Podcast #118
“Why the Conditions You’re Creating Are Crippling You”

Soundcloud Link:

This one is for the actors out there, though there are lots of parallels for other types of artists here.   294 more words

Evan C. Schulte

University of Northampton, BA (Hons) Acting, Undergraduates 2017 Showcase Programme, Tristan Bates Theatre, London, 21st June 2017

Over the past eight months it’s been my privilege to attend several productions featuring the 3rd Year Acting students of Northampton University. I’ve been to Isham Dark (isn’t that in… 849 more words

Chris Sparkle