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A must-watch: Actors on Actors

I loooooooove watching interviews! I like to see how artists behave in a real life situation: if they’re witty, funny, if they have an easy laugh…I can be nosey as well, for sure, but one of the reasons I like getting to know these people better is because of the influence it may have in their talent, or how their careers have shaped their lives and their own selves. 261 more words


No Escape (Movie Review)

Okay, it’s been too long since I wrote my last movie review. As you might know, I’m keen on watching action films in the Steven Seagal genre. 223 more words

If you don’t want to follow the advice on how to survive your first year as a freelancer, or you decide that it’s not important to know…

823 more words

It Takes Time To Know Hidden Meaning

I used to read a story about a poor fool ugly boy living in a small hut beside a big castle of the richest merchant of the city. 368 more words


Review: Deadpool

Deadpool begins perfectly, with enough reckless humour and exuberant violence to please die hard fans, however, as the film continues, it becomes both formulaic and cliched, falling into familiar comic book movie territory, without any impressive set pieces, while its lead character, played righteously by Ryan Reyonalds, oddly jumps between a strong unique anti-hero, and an amalgamation of other characters from the same genre. 3.5/5


'Mind Block' while Act

As an actor, you may have experienced Mind Block during rehearsals. You are unable to understand what the director actually wants. He says ‘I want like this’ and acts. 178 more words


Scandal? Old Hollywood? Mystery? Romance?

So what is this blog about? Well, it’s about my work as a writer who’ll perform my stories in audio on video. Think the old radio dramas before television, told in the main character’s first person dialogue, like… 204 more words