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About giving everything a meaning

A friend of mine warned me about the parties that will come eventually through this year. “You’ll eventually kiss many girls at parties, maybe even boys” No offense to any guy but if it’s not acting I won’t kiss a guy. 100 more words


Shirtless... again.

We had two classes today. Musical appreciation was the first one. And our task was to improvise something with a selected song, showing the pulse and beat. 121 more words


Welcome to my school

This is the National School of Theatrical Arts. My school.


Mad Men S7 E13- The Milk & Honey Route


I want to start over. And I know I can. I’m not so dumb anymore.
I’m not ignoring the fact that I could actually lose your love. 30 more words

Do What You Want To Do

I have been doing a bunch of existential thinking lately. I think it’s my age, I grow wiser with every passing day … seriously I do! 1,150 more words

Veronica Clavijo

Kicking Butt and taking names

I was having brunch with an actor friend and we did as actors do, somewhat bemoaning how tough it is in this industry to make headway and get work, when she told me that she’s reframing the way she looks at pursuing employment.  389 more words


A Play A Day?

So recently, as in a couple of days ago, I decided that with Drama School auditions just around the corner I need to do as much as I physically can to give myself the best chance of getting in somewhere. 220 more words