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Listmania: Al's Happy Oscars Wins 2000-2015

I’ve been watching the Academy Awards since the 2001 ceremony when Gladiator beat Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon & Traffic for Best Picture. Over the last 15 years not counting this year since it hasn’t happened yet, I’ve seen some really bad wins, like Crash winning Best Picture over Brokeback Mountain, and I’ve seen some really good wins that made me very happy. 460 more words


Words and Ears and Brains

This morning’s poem on Radio 3 was this recording by Richard Burton of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo:

If you’re anything like me, Burton’s reading will have hit you in the ears like a Gatling gun – the sheer pace of it is breathtaking, almost overwhelming. 779 more words


2/24/2017-ACTING-Starship Swiftwind's (formerly Star Trek Absolution) Ep. 3 Released

STARSHIP SWIFTWIND ‘s (formerly Star Trek Absolution) Episode 3 (“Any Port In A Storm”) has been released. This is an animated series created by Caithlin Dar. 15 more words

Wayne W Johnson

I'm Rubber, You're Glue: Mr. Jaibi plays with our Elastics. #ActingWeekly

The Elastic Game

This time we were prisoners, in a long thin jail cell, one of us against each wall – with an elastic tying us back to the wall that would only let us go so far. 1,135 more words

100 Performances Oscars Forgot - 18/20

RE-POST – Originally Published September 2015.

Here you’ll find a couple of French, a couple of Greeks, not to mention a Dane, and a Norwegian. Your thoughts are always welcome in the comments section below.  1,442 more words


I Can Be A Local Hire Anywhere

This blog is not about acting. I made that very clear in my first post- I don’t want to talk about acting because I am writing to talk about anything other than acting. 953 more words