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One day I was on my way to shop when I walked past a group of people who look like Sun Tv actors. They were standing around near Yishun mrt. 11 more words

Review: Bloodline Season 2 Episode 3 "Part 16"

This episode begins brilliantly, with a quicker pace and various moments of thrill, however, ultimately Bloodline returns to it’s normal slow burn, which is fine in developing the show’s conflict and the numerous figures with connections to Danny, while certainly continuing to elevate the paranoia and fallout of Danny’s death, helped by superb direction and acting, but at the moment while there is a lot of talk of the antagonist’s threat and the repercussions upon the Rayburn family, there is little action or evidence of it. 8.3/10


Review: Bloodline Season 2 Episode 2 "Part 15"

While still unable to keep a solid pace, Bloodline does have a few moments of distinctively contrived material especially in regard to Kevin’s ‘business’ plan, yet the storyline doesn’t feel forced, an accumulation of the psyche of this character and the pressures towards him, which is something this show excels at, digging into the intentions and morals of each character and how far they are willing to go, as storylines begin to intertwine and the stakes heighten. 8.7/10


Al's Pretty Words; My Villainous Voice

My pal Al the Author has been instrumental on my blogging journey. He ‘came out’ a few years ago as a budding writer and I said “me too!” and we swapped examples of our work. 197 more words


Review: Bloodline Season 2 Episode 1 "Part 14"

It does suffer from many of the same issues that plagued the first season such as unnecessary scenes and a tediously slow pace, but the overall tension and conflict that is created makes the effort worth it, as the characters are perfectly rattled by the fallout of season one, leading to a number of interesting reveals and a cliff-hanger ending, bolstered by strong acting and stunning cinematography. 7.9/10


The devil __ the details

  Who notices prepositions
  unless they dangle

  like earrings
  begging the spotlight.

  They act
  like auditioning extras

  or photo-bombers.

   Of the people, for the people, by the people, 42 more words

How Your Arts Degree Might Just Save Humanity

After getting the legally acceptable amount of radiation inside a terror-proof pod, you emerge bleary eyed in the Delta Airlines Terminal of La Guardia in NYC. 1,242 more words