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What Is Acting Anyways?

First I want to dig into the actual word “acting” because I strongly believe that words are intricate masterpieces. If one takes the time to study them they explain themselves. 913 more words


Between the Lines

You remember watching television with your parents as a child. A film, a show, a play – you didn’t specify but you told them, “I can do better than that.” And I listen to your words in the interview room and nod my head. 816 more words

Creative Writing

TIE Progress Sharing Evaluation

On Monday the 16th our group shared our Theatre in Education piece so far to Erica and all the other Year 2 students. While the other groups simply read their updated scripts so they could be reviewed by Erica, as our group were slightly further ahead in terms of reworking and editing versions of the script, as I had been taking notes on board and editing and perfecting the writing as I went along. 723 more words


Lonesome Witchery⇒ Kirno Sohochari

You are materially lonely in this hostile world,
live in a family with lot other stuffs,
but end of the day you are sadistically lonesome. 625 more words


The is only so much I can say about this piece, back then when all I wanted was to be on screen.




At the end of October, two girls sat in Doffy’s Tea Room, the smell of teacakes filling the air as the chatter bounced off the cutlery. 137 more words


Coming to London being the small town boy that I am has definitely opened my eyes up in regards to the outer world. There’s so much more to life than just that of your inner circles. 1,053 more words