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Call Your MoCs and Voice Support for Releasing the Mueller Report--to Them, and To Us, and Safeguarding the Underlying Documents, Too

Call your MoCs and voice your support for releasing the Mueller Report–to Congress, in the most complete form possible, and to us, in the most complete form that can be made available to the general public. 663 more words

Action Alerts

Protect Rural Property

ACTION ALERT: Via Rebecca Roter
“The bill prevents nuisance suits from being filed against any agricultural operation if it has been in operation for at least a year, even if the nuisance-creating activity has not started yet.” Take action now to protect your property rights: 20 more words

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 Your members of Congress are home for the recess! Go to town hall meetings, write op-eds, call them, or use social media to get them to do the right thing! 716 more words


AJC " Georgia voting machine debate pits election officials vs. tech experts"

“Democratic legislators are aligned with cybersecurity experts who prefer paper ballots bubbled in with pens, a voting method that avoids the inherent risks of a computerized system.”  Read Full Report  Here.

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Petition to Request Expert Testimony for HB316

The Senate Hearing on this important Bill is Wednesday.  Petition to participate.

Find your State Senator and other voting information here.

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8 Ways to Help Make the World a More Humane Place

Nothing has ever brought me more satisfaction than volunteering and donating to charities. Perhaps you’re interested in volunteering and contributing, but you’re not sure where to dedicate your time. 428 more words

Action Alerts

Urgent: Act now to protect children in Orleans Parish

Tomorrow evening (Thursday, 1/17), the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) is scheduled to elect a new President.

Current OPSB Vice-President Leslie Ellison is actively lobbying to assume this public-facing role, and along with it, the enormous responsibility to ensure a robust and inclusive education for our children. 263 more words