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New Release - The Royal Creed (THE RISE OF THE PENGUINS SAGA Book 4) by Steven Hammond

The Royal Creed (THE RISE OF THE PENGUINS SAGA Book 4) Kindle Edition

by Steven Hammond (Author)

A new threat has emerged from the ruins of Pack Ice Command… 176 more words


Tel'al's Tale - Hunger's Reach - Book IV

Tel’al stopped, puzzled. She was a tall, gangly, somewhat awkward, middle-aged woman. Above all else, she didn’t like surprises. Calm and predictable was the way she liked it. 1,470 more words


Jurassic World (2015)

(Theatrical Viewing – IMAX 3D, Rated PG-13, Running Time: 124 minutes)


A genetically created dinosaur runs amok in an adventure park.

The Plot:

Set some 20 years after the original Jurassic Park, the park has re-opened on Isla Nubar. 578 more words

New Release Gingerbread Wolves (The Book Of Lost Doors 4) by Misha Burnett

Gingerbread Wolves (The Book Of Lost Doors 4) Kindle Edition

by Misha Burnett (Author)

“Everyone dies. But not everyone can die killing a god.”

Gingerbread Wolves, the fourth volume of The Book Of Lost Doors, pits Outsider modified humanity against the Outsiders themselves as Agony Delapour vows to make war against deep heaven. 80 more words


I Have a New Type

The problem with tough guys is that they aren’t very nice. The problem with nice guys is that they aren’t very tough. Somehow, dinosaur-taming Owen (Chris Pratt) in  217 more words

New Release - The Long Fall Of Night by AJ Rose

The Long Fall of Night Kindle Edition

by AJ Rose (Author)

In a flash, everything changes.

When NYU student Asher Caine’s uncle calls to warn him something big is coming, he has no idea it will be so devastating. 214 more words


Devilishly Sexy: The Idea Behind Rina

Antagonist or “Villains” play very important parts in all of the stories that I construct. It’s always been routine for me to think of the Villain before I ever create the protagonist, the background, and the story in general. 323 more words

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