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1-2 Books today?

We luuuv the Arkansas River Valley Regional Library System‘s weather map! It looks like our area will be getting 1-2 books today! What are you reading on your snow day? 6 more words


Read + Review -- The Maze Runner by James Dashner

In a post-apocalyptic world, 16 year old Thomas wakes up in an enclosed camp with no memories except his name. He meets the other inhabitants of the “Glade”, who are all boys. 210 more words


New Release by George Wier

Murder In Elysium

George Wier (Author)

It’s murder in paradise.

Who killed local debutante Delores Fogel in the sleepy, Central Texas town of Elysium? Benjamin LeFren was exonerated for the crime and released from jail thirty years after the fact, thanks in part to Shane Robeling, former FBI Agent and now Elysium’s Chief of Police. 358 more words


Adinkrahene Book One Excerpt


When I opened my eyes, I realized that I was back in my room. My bedroom window was open, so I could hear the rushing water from the underground stream flowing through the cavern and splashing against the craggy shore. 1,083 more words

Wreckers Gate - Dirty Henry part 1

The beggar cringed as well and slowly Quyloc lowered his hands, shaking his head to clear it. This isn’t Dirty Henry, he told himself. … 700 more words


Watching the End of the World - 21

The Toyota pickup came barreling onto the runway, one man behind the wheel, the other in the back. The one in the back was manning the fifty-caliber machine gun mounted there. 341 more words


New Release - Cold Water by Steven Hammond

Cold Water

Steven Hammond (Author)

Felton C. Wank views himself as lord and master of his squalid apartment which he shares with a transient woman named Alice. 56 more words