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The Man with the Missing Jaw by Geoff Palmer

Forty Million Minutes series Book 3

Fleeing Earth with the Sentinels in hot pursuit, Tim Townsend, his sister Coral and their friends face more perils and fiendish plots when they travel to Eltheria. 60 more words


Lair of the Sentinels by Geoff Palmer

Forty Million Minutes series Book 2

Things get weirder – and even more perilous – for Tim, Coral and their friends from outer space. With the Eltherians’ ship destroyed, the slimy, slug-like, mind reading Sentinels have formulated a fiendish plan to exterminate them all, one by one. 44 more words


Too Many Zeros by Geoff Palmer

Forty Million Minutes Series Book 1

Things get seriously weird when Tim and Coral Townsend meet a pair of super-intelligent mice with an extraordinary
calculator. Suddenly they’re plunged into an adventure full of strange new technology, mind parasites, aliens and… 30 more words


The Crusader's Kiss on the Charts

Yesterday, I had a BookBub ad for The Crusader’s Kiss, featured at 99 cents instead of its usual $4.99. As a result, Bartholomew and Anna are having a nice ride up the charts. 349 more words

Medieval Romance

Harry Potter Book #2

The second book in the series is called Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Harry has been warned by a small creature named Dobby that Harry must not go back to Hogwarts and that disaster will strike Hogwarts. 50 more words

Action And Adventure

Trailer for Harry Potter Book #1

This is the trailer for the first movie in the Harry Potter series.

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