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TRAILER: Kill Ratio

An American covert operative in a fledgling Eastern European democracy is about to protect the government from a ruthless military leader in the trailer for this new film from director  61 more words

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Five CJ Entertainment Titles at Asian World Film Fest

If you want a major Korean film kick and you are in Culver City, check out the Asian World Film Festival from October 24 to November 1. 103 more words

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Here it is…the trailer to the highly anticipated Logan, the final film to star Hugh Jackman as the claw-wielding X-Man Wolverine after seventeen years. 110 more words

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Review: The Accountant, 2016, dir. Gavin O'Connor

The Accountant is Pixar’s latest family heart-warmer, a comedy about an ant who keeps the books for his colony and – wait, no. Sorry. That’s wrong.  71 more words


The Accountant

The movie follows the story of a high functioning autistic accountant who moonlights as a bookkeeper for gangsters and criminal organizations. He finds that he is the target of one of his clients.  213 more words

TRAILER: Vengeance, the new Tyrone Magnus Series

Yesterday, we broke news of the upcoming superhero crime drama series Vengeance, starring YouTube star Tyrone Magnus and now, the trailer has arrived.

Magnus plays Derrick Chambers, a blue collar worker who gets wound up in the underground crime trafficking world. 70 more words

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A Look at "Logan": What We Know So Far

If you haven’t heard by now, the final film to feature Hugh Jackman as the legendary claw-wielding X-Man Wolverine has scored a simple title: Logan… 436 more words

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