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REVIEW: The Guyver (1991)

The Japanese powered superhero gets the Hollywood treatment courtesy of two special-effects wizards.

When Dr. Tetsu Segawa attempts to escape his employer Chronos, he holds a mysterious briefcase in which he hides before being confronted by Chronos employees Lisker, Weber, Striker, and Ramsay, all of whom have the ability to change into monstrous Zoanoids. 726 more words

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Marvel Unleashes "Black Panther" in Official Trailer

After a heck of a tease, the official trailer to Black Panther has arrived!

Chadwick Boseman returns to the role of T’Challa, who returns home after the events of… 100 more words

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REVIEW: Bloodfist IV - Die Trying (1992)

Kickboxing legend Don “The Dragon” Wilson goes a fourth round in one of B-movie martial arts’ top film series of the nineties.

Danny Holt is a repo man who is good at his job. 642 more words

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"Kickboxer" Sequel to "Kick" Off in 2018

Kurt Sloane will return to “kick” off the new year!

This past weekend, Kickboxer: Vengeance lead actor Alain Moussi took to Instagram to announce an official release date for the sequel… 148 more words

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Verbinski to Helm "Gambit" Movie and Release Date Set

Gambit has finally found a helmer and a date has been officially set!

Gore Verbinski, whose successful films include the first three Pirates of the Caribbean… 135 more words

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"X-Men" Goes Full Horror with "New Mutants" Teaser

The X-Men universe of films is about to get a whole lot darker!

The teaser trailer for The New Mutants has arrived and as intended, it looks to be a full-on horror tale revolving around a new set of young mutants inside a facility that truly has nefarious means. 44 more words

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Will Tucker Agree to a Fourth "Rush"? Because Chan Has!

It has been over a decade since we saw the adventures Hong Kong Detective Inspector Lee and L.A.P.D. Detective James Carter on the big screen, but they may be possibly returning! 152 more words

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