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On Second Thought: “The Bourne Ultimatum”

Three strikes and you’re out! Okay, not the best phrase to use, but whatever. Some film do end up with three strikes, but don’t quit. So, no, it’s not always because your third film sucked, but because the trilogy set out to be made, has now been completed on a high note! 1,497 more words


The Last Days – Chapter V – Last Action Hero (1993 – John McTiernan)

I’m nine years old and in my favourite place in the world – the toy section of the Petts Wood Woolworths.  Scattered in amongst the rows of toys I know and love – Mighty Max, Monsters in my Pocket – are unfamiliar action figures.  2,382 more words


On Second Thought: “The Bourne Supremacy”

Sequels take a beating, and with good reason. Typically they’re just done for the sole purpose of a studio making some quick and easy money. Sometimes no one wants one, but there it is. 1,834 more words


On Second Thought: “The Bourne Identity”

Spy films or anything to do with spy’s is fun. Maybe it’s because there’s always always a sense of danger and intrigue, even glamor. Whatever it is, most story’s about spy’s seem to captivate audiences, and the more compelling and complex they are, the more one is willing to stick around until the conclusion. 1,280 more words


San Diego Comic-Con: DC & Marvel Films

This weekend has been quite a surprise for fans at the San Diego Comic-Con, particularly those who have been anticipating the upcoming films from Marvel Studios and DC Comics via Warner Brothers. 455 more words

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On Second Thought: “Star Trek Into Darkness”

When the reboot to a specific franchise does well, the next logical thing is to green light a sequel. In this case, while you’re probably going to be wary, as it is a sequel, it’s not that surprising. 2,251 more words