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Take a friend to this movie! - Buy (1), get one free ticket from Indivisible!


To Claim Your Fandango Movie Ticket, simply go to Fandango.com or the Fandango mobile app.

When you check out, click “Promo Code,” enter the code  7 more words

Fight White Nationalism: Government Must Fund the Countering Violent Extremism Program!

Minimal Script: I’m calling to ask {Sen. (&) Rep }  to require that the Countering Violent Extremism program stays focused on white nationalism, and that CVE grants are fully funded. 119 more words

NO on Sam Clovis – yet another climate change denier – and worse! Where does Trump find these people?

Script: I’m calling Senator to oppose Sam Clovis to serve as the Department of Agriculture’s top scientist. He is neither a scientist, nor does he accept that climate change is real. 71 more words

NO on Amy Coney Barrett – Bible over Constitution? Really?

Script: I’m asking Senator to oppose Amy Coney Barrett for US Court of Appeals judge. She has declared that the Bible takes precedence over the Constitution. 65 more words

Keep up the pressure to save our beautiful Channel Islands!


Script Idea (tweak this to make it your own words!): The Channel Islands are a valuable public resource and must be protected from exploitation for private profit.   43 more words

Get the truth out of Exxon! Have they been misleading us?

Script: I am urging CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra (800-952-5225) to join the attorneys general of Massachusetts and New York in their investigation into Exxon efforts to mislead the public about the effects of fossil fuels on our climate. 30 more words

Go see “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”

Monday, August 7, 7:45 PM
The Hitchcock Theatre
371 South Hitchcock Way, Santa Barbara

Indivisible has partnered with Al Gore to keep attention on climate change. 52 more words