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The History of May Day and Why/Where we can March in Solidarity with our Local Immigrants

We take our collective hats off to anyone that learns English as a second language…

Let’s consider the phrase “May Day”: If the space between the words were to become lost, it becomes an expression of distress. 300 more words

NO on TrumpCare 2.0: The revised bill is so bad that GOP legislators are trying to exempt themselves!

The revised health care bill is so bad that GOP legislators are trying to exempt themselves from its provisions.

The new healthcare plan with the MacArthur amendment takes all that was bad in the ACHA and makes it worse, removing protections that make insurance affordable for people with preexisting conditions, and not requiring plans to cover “essential benefits”, like prescription drugs. 101 more words

No tax returns, No tax reform (2 of 2)

Donald Trump, how much money would you personally save from your tax “reform”?

Even without going into the details of Donald Trump’s tax plan, which Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin calls “the biggest tax cut and largest tax reform in history of this country”, it’s clear that Trump and other big corporate interests will benefit “BIGLY.” How much? 107 more words

April is Sexual Violence Awareness Month and Congress wants to defund programs that protect women! (1 of 2)

Say NO to defunding any Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) programs. VAWA has made significant progress helping victims of domestic & date violence, sexual assault, elder abuse and stalking achieve justice and safety, with federally federally funded direct services such as shelter, rape crisis services, legal assistance, and counseling. 107 more words

Say No to HUD budget cuts: Budget cuts should not be on the backs of the poorest Americans!

Trump has proposed $6.2 billion in cuts to Housing and Urban Development (HUD), slashing funding for Community Development Block Grants, public housing, housing vouchers, and programs serving the homeless. 122 more words

Investigate Russian interference

It has gotten awfully quiet with regards to any progress onlooking into  Russia interfering with our election and democracy.  I heard an interview with Independent Agnus King, Senator of Maine, this morning who said that there is no reason for concerns, things take a long time and they are in the info gathering phase.   58 more words


Say No to EPA Budget Cuts: A 31% cut threatens jobs, national security and the environment

Trump says he’s committed to America’s jobs and national security, but his proposed 31% slash to the EPA budget threatens both. Eliminating 3,200 jobs, supporting fossil fuels over renewable energy, eliminating the popular Energy Star program, and preventing hazardous waste cleanup and the ability to prosecute those responsible does not make America great. 97 more words