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This Week In Resistance - "The Empire Strikes Back" Edition

As you know, the Senate 13 have crept into the daylight with a “healthcare” bill which will  destroy the middle and lower classes, as well as the elderly, special needs children and people with HIV or disabilities. 1,694 more words

Medicaid is not “somebody else’s” insurance.

Who does Medicaid serve?

Surprisingly, the answer is most likely you.

“Roughly one in three people now turning 65 will require nursing home care at some point during his or her life. 784 more words

"The Definition of Insanity..."

The definition of insanity, commonly (and possibly mistakenly) attributed to Albert Einstein, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 567 more words

Keep California out of the Deportation Business - Rage Against the Deportation Machine

The California Values Act (SB 54) aims to stop the use of state and local law enforcement resources for mass deportations. Now more than ever, we need our state to take bold actions to protect all in our community against the deportation machine. 67 more words

Pink it up, people!

Today, Wednesday, June 21, people are coming together across the country to fight for Planned Parenthood.

(tiny url.com/pink-out-Wednesday)

As part of the GOP’s strategy to pander to religious conservatives while removing actual healthcare, especially for low-income women, from their “Taxcare for the Wealthy” plan, Planned Parenthood would be defunded for one year unless it  787 more words

No Hearing, No Vote. Drag TrumpCare into Public View!

The No Hearing, No Vote Act requires any bill being passed under reconciliation to go through at least one committee and one hearing. A low bar but TrumpCare can’t clear it. 136 more words

It begins...

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his all-male Gang of 13 have been working hard behind closed doors to put finishing touches on a healthcare bill that has the potential to devastate one sixth of our economy and millions of people. 546 more words