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Power Rangers (2017) movie review

I’m going to start this off by saying this-I never really GREW UP with Power Rangers. I would catch the show a few times there and here…..But I was more of a Ninja Turtles (2003), Transformers (Cybertron, Animated, Prime and Bayverse), and anime girl growing up (Yu-Gi-Oh, Inuyasha, Death Note, Pokemon to name a few) type of girl. 960 more words


Thoughts on queerplatonic/homoromantic subtext in London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen is an action movie made in 2016. It´s your everyday action flick, with explosions, choppers, allmighty tough guys and so on. Gerard Butler plays the undestructable bodyguard of Aaron Eckhart´s moderately hardcore occasional damsel in distress (more on that later), the president of USA. 1,425 more words

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'Chips' Movie Review

Inspired by the 1970’s television series this movie turns the popular show and characters into a racy comedy. One of the original characters is furious about the raunchy comedy movie yet one character makes a cameo appearance. 58 more words

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'Power Rangers' Movie Review

The Power Rangers are an old-school classic Saturday morning live-action and animated television series. I vaguely remember the live-action show yet I wanted to tap into a bit of nostalgia. 116 more words

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THE BELKO EXPERIMENT (2017) Hard Hitting Horror Movie Makes Its Mark

How low can humanity go?

For instance, would you willingly commit murder to save the lives of those around you? That’s one of the questions asked in THE BELKO EXPERIMENT (2017), a new horror movie by director Greg McLean and screenwriter James Gunn, the man who wrote the insanely entertaining Marvel superhero movie GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2014). 1,149 more words

'The Belko Experiment' Movie Review

This movie to say the least is VERY gory (my eyes were closed a lot).   It’s basically like a “Purge” at your job that your boss mandates. 58 more words

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The Search for the Best Worst Movie: Miami Connection

A few weeks ago, Dan and I treated ourselves to a screening of Miami Connection at our local Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn. We’d seen it before in our friend Bill’s apartment, but experiencing it on the big screen with a devoted audience encapsulated what makes this film so charming. 921 more words