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'Transformers: The Last Knight' Movie Review

This is another franchise that I’m a BIG fan of so for the most part the director can do no wrong.  What I enjoyed most is that the franchise brought back familiar faces (and a last name) from the first three films (not Tyrese though, which I missed and the newcomer love interest for Mark Wahlberg is a dead ringer for Megan Fox). 86 more words

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Star Wars : My Inspiration Adventure Movie Ever

Day 3 : A Favorite Action/Adventure Movie

Star Wars Series merupakan salah satu inovasi besar dalam dunia perfilman. Awalnya adalah sang sutradara George Lucas yang membawa sebuah teknologi baru bernama CGI sebuah teknologi yang mana menjadikan film terlihat lebih berspecial effect dan sekaligus menjadikan film lebih digital. 750 more words

30 Days Movie Challenge

Drive Angry (2011) Review

For some strange reason, last night, I was scrolling through Netflix looking for a Nicholas Cage movie to watch and I came across Drive Angry, it is a movie that has cars and Nicholas Cage so I assumed it would be perfect. 635 more words

Speed (EP 62)

This week Drew and Badway keep the conversation above 50 mph by discussing the adrenaline pumping classic, Speed (starring a freshly buzzed Keanu Reeves, and everyone’s 90s crush, Sandra Bullock). 115 more words


Headshot (Indonesian Movie)

  • એક્શન ફિલ્મોના દીવાનાઓ રિસ્પેક્ટિવલી 2011 અને 2014માં આવેલી ઇન્ડોનેશિયન મુવીઝ ‘ધ રેઇડઃ રિડેમ્પ્શન’ અને ‘રેઇડ-2’ પર સ્વાભાવિક રીતે જ બ્રુસ લી-જૅકી ચેન ઓવારી ગયેલા. એ પછી (મારા સહિત!) બહુ બધા લોકોનો તામસિક રસ વોલ્કેનોની જેમ ઊછળી ઊઠેલો કે આવી બીજી ફિલ્મો હોય તો શોધો.
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Wonder Woman (2017)

Dear Reader,

Having watched both Batman v Superman: Dawn of AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDS Justice and Suicide Squad, for some reason I decided to watch Wonder Woman… 558 more words