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Featured Member, Ian Coble

Name and business name: Ian Coble, Ian Coble Photography

Hometown: Irvine, California

Current residence: West Seattle, WA

url/phone:  www.iancoble.com / 206-632-1453

Number of years as a photographer: 431 more words

Featured Photographer

Steelhead Fishin in the Sawtooths

It was zero degrees, my feet were numb beyond recognition, steam clouds billowed from my mouth with every exhaling breath and yet I could not help but embrace the shit-spitting grin I had on my face. 208 more words

Ray J. Gadd

Volcano Jump - Sun Valley, ID

I couldn’t help but notice this massive mound of snow being molded and sculpted in to a beautiful snow sliding playground as I drove by Dollar Mountain several weeks ago. 75 more words

Ray J. Gadd

Austin is home to many incredible limestone cliffs and canyons along its Greenbelts.  The only thing more captivating than the beauty of it all, is the people who climb there.  166 more words


Riding in Whistler.

As I mentioned in previous post, I had a photo shoot on Sat and I have to say, I am pretty happy with the outcome. It’s fun when you get to shoot something you love and it is even more fun when you get to sell some of those images. 56 more words


Peak to Valley Race, Whistler

I ‘ve been taking photos of this race for years now. It’s one of those races, when people pass each other at the gate, dress up or race like a pro. 224 more words

Justa Jeskova

Fun in the sun! Skiing in Whistler again!

What a great feeling to be on mountain again. After all the Olympic events, I got a nasty flu which kept me in bed for a whole week.  133 more words

Justa Jeskova