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Joylight of the Day 6 - Chunking

Credits: http://ucslsmaths.blogspot.sg/p/maths-principles.html

Chunking is a technical term from the computer industry. It refers to organizing information into general or more specific group. A group has ‘chunks’ of information with a common theme. 354 more words


Action Plan

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve recently realized that I haven’t been doing a lot lately to achieve the goals I’ve set out for myself. 301 more words


Negative thinking, old habits and possible strategies to help

I’m a negative person. Trust me, if I had it any other way I would be one of those smiley, shiny happy people who seem to have a spring in their step rather than be an individual who sometimes dwells on what could go wrong and worry about things before they happen. 694 more words


Hello Stranger!

After something of a ‘hiatus’, I’m back! A period of child illness (yes, again!), crazy busy work plus a bit of fun mixed in has made it a very busy time indeed. 543 more words

Action: The Gap Between Idea and Innovation

Some people are gifted with creative minds and the ability to generate great ideas. However, to turn an idea into an innovation, one has to take a real action; and this is the hardest part to do.  311 more words


looking after number one - is it time to change the way you change?

I’ve never been a big one for new year’s resolutions. January is dark, the sparkly Christmas lights have been banished to the loft for another year and the only thing on the horizon is February. 459 more words