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Business Model or Business Plan? You Need Both!

As a startup entrepreneur, you’ve likely heard and seen the terms “business model” and “business plan” in conversation and online.

While they sound nearly the same, they’re distinctive in their structures and purposes. 443 more words

Action Plan

Impossible is nothing - Birth of an artist

Fourth post from my positiveness quest

I probably won’t become another Vivian Maier (never say never though ;-) ), an American street photographer born in New York City,  a nanny and care-giver whose work became famous after her death in 2009, when over 100’000 (undeveloped) negatives was discovered; recently there were few movies out to tell her story and I can personally recommend twelve minute short document ‘Vivian Maier, Photographer, Extraordinaire’ (youtube link… 944 more words

Make plans. Be deliberate. Act!

As I continue to look at my life, I am analyzing where I am and where I desire to be. I have the burning desire to experience as much as I can. 499 more words

LIfe's Lessons

The Philosophy of Sabbotage

The world out there can be pretty glamorous. If you’re following sites like The Chriselle Factor and House of Gentlemen, it might sometimes feel as though these persons are mystical unicorns sent from Mars to inspire the rest of us: a whole different species that possess the most perfect skin and beauty/styling skills, living a life of artistic and general excellence that seems entirely beyond our reach. 1,133 more words

Self Love

SMART Targets

For over the Summer break

pecific – To produce multiple paintings

easurable – I will have a collection of paintings produced

chievable – I would like to produce at least 4 paintings which is very achievable… 78 more words

Action Plan

Meeting Targets This Year

I came into first year with the main target of loosening up. This is something I would definitely say I have accomplished going from creating portraits in oils on a small-scale to installations and minimalism paintings done on a huge scale done with palette knifes and powdered coal.As far as completing the modules I feel I have improved gradually when it comes to staying to time scales , I accomplished this from  completing annotation as I went , I could develop this in second year by doing the same but also before I begin research and development , right down my thoughts on the brief and what I think it means in regards to myself and current way of working and how it will fit together. 102 more words

Personal Development

Individual Learning Plan

While I feel the first year was predominantly a success allowing me to push myself in the way in which I create pieces making me confident enough to try new methods and techniques. 465 more words

Personal Development