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Are you mission-driven? Really?

What drives you? When I ask that, I mean this: Really, truly, what drives every decision you make?

Many of us identify goals we’d like to accomplish and then take actions, by and large, that are pretty darn similar to what we would have done before we set the goals. 251 more words

Key to Productivity

Productivity is a word that is rooted in focused action with a passion, yet it is usually said with a sigh in a subdued way. Well it’s time to change that & for good. 138 more words


Day 1 - 30 Day Declutter Challenge

Before I actually attempt to unclog my mind I need to see what is clogging it. As I sit here and look around me there are so many areas around the house I want to tackle and reorganize or declutter (something I do every 6 months). 106 more words


Home Business or a Hobby: Is it Time to Take the Leap?

Maine is a place that seems to bring out creativity in people. It’s brimming with artisans, inventors and culinary creators who dabble in ventures at all levels. 614 more words

Action Plan

Kurz: I attended Macedonian political rally as a member of a sister party and there is nothing controversial about that

SKOPJE – At Sunday’s VMRO-DPMNE rally, I attended as a member of the European People’s Party and there is nothing controversial about that, said Austrian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz, in response to a reporter’s question after meeting with his Macedonian counterpart, Nikola Poposki. 327 more words


Action Plan

Action Plan for FE4 Field Experience:

I have shown thorough to advanced development in the following Professional Competencies developed during this field experience:

Competency 2: 271 more words

Action Plan For Field Experience 4