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Please note: The organisation’s name has been changed to Alliance Beach Resort for the purpose of this assignment.


The hotel industry is a key component of the broader hospitality and tourism industry. 4,011 more words


Day 417: The word Abandoned as Reality Check

Reference: Eqafe  The Atlanteans:  Abandoned.

Day 417: The word Abandoned as Reality Check

Continuing from the previous post: And here, reactions to my perceptions of a ‘Starkness’ of reality in reacting to my Form, the Structure, the Action Plan, the Entrance into physical reality, in which I have accepted and allowed myself as less than and superior to my own Action Plan, both less than and superior to Organisation, and less than my own retaliation to a Structure that I know is best for me. 676 more words

How Do You Eat a Whole Cake?

Slice by slice of course.

So let’s think of marketing and communications strategy as a cake.

There are a hundred thousand different ways that you could… 475 more words

B2B Services

World Bank Group Climate Change Action Plan 2016-2020

Climate change poses an enormous challenge to development. By 2050, the world will have to feed 9 billion people, extend housing and services to 2 billion new urban residents, and provide universal access to affordable energy, and do so while bringing down global greenhouse gas emissions to a level that make a sustainable future possible. 159 more words

World Bank Group

Day 416: Solutions of Abandon

Day 416: Solutions of Abandon

Reference: Eqafe  The Atlanteans:  Abandoned.

Redefining Process beginnings: towards solutions of Abandon

Walking a process through Self Forgiveness of what I have accepted and allowed of who I am within this word Abandon, I have thus enabled me to see how in my life I have accepted and allowed – with this word directing me – for it to be causing chaos. 589 more words

Reno 911: The "Biggest Little City" Grows Bigger!

Reno Continues to Grow – What’s the Deal?

As you know, whether you’re a resident or just visiting – Reno has been changing over the years. 203 more words

Reno Nevada

Goals... How do you get there?

Goal setting is something that you’re told to do throughout school, university and then in your career as it’s a way to get people to think about where they want to get to. 1,082 more words

Self Development