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Channeling Pain

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Nociceptors are nerve cells that sense potentially harmful stimuli and report to the brain and the spinal cord to effect an appropriate defense response. 593 more words

From The Lab

The Four Levels of Crying

The 4 levels of crying

  1. The Crocodile Tears
  2. The Action-Potential
  3. The Divider
  4. The Point of No Return (BOSS STAGE)

Mark has very distinguishable cries. And depending how me, myself, and my parents respond to these cries means the difference between a level 2 cry, and a level 4 cry. 500 more words


Membrane Potential

Animal Physiology I (DVT1033),

Please find the lecture PPT here, click to download Membrane Potentials

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Lecture Notes

Action potentials

Losing my nuts today.  Those small gaps between the axons and dendrites are pulsing, like a heart beating, contraction, relaxation.  But the action is not being led by the stimulation of muscle tissue.  196 more words


Detecting Single Action Potentials

A team of scientists have managed to optically detect single action potentials in the brains of living animals. 198 more words