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Action Report 10: Stacey's friendly PVE wormhole

I didn’t have the time to write down the adventures the girls had and left you guys and girls in the dark a bit. My apologies for that, but I have two jobs now and a study in real life and as you guys know the real life world always goes before the EVE Online world. 1,720 more words

Action Reports

Action Report 9: Alliance Tournament XII

It is that time again! The alliances of New Eden are mustering their highly trained fleets and are flying ships out of their own hangars, risking everything for the glory and possible winnings in brutal matches where losses are felt dearly. 898 more words

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Action Report 8: Clubbing Gentlemen

It is weird in the world of eve online. Unlike other games where you have instant great play eve online offers weeks of boredom after which you get weeks of the most awesome play. 2,106 more words

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Action Report 7: The Reunion

‘I’d hate to fight the worm responsible for all these wormholes in New Eden.’

– Stacey Starwolf, YC114

Being back from real life I hopped into my favorite world of eve online and wanted to try something new. 1,990 more words

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Action Report 6: The invasion of J104921

I was having doubts about writing this action report for quite some time. There was plenty of action, but so little for poor Stacey. However, having a day off from school meant I had time to write about this little story that was to become my first wormhole invasion ever and actually became a pretty famous one too. 1,555 more words

Action Reports

STUC emergency resolution passed unanimously !

Charlie Reid Centre


Congress believes that the Charlie Reid Centre in Glasgow provides an excellent service to over 500 individuals in the city and beyond who have experienced mental health difficulties. 110 more words

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