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Francis Is Alive (-4-)

Bade has never been in a police interrogation room before, but even though they had sat him there for almost an hour, alone, he knew they were watching him somehow. 3,484 more words


Francis Is Alive (-3-)

Bade eyed the bottle of André rosé everlastingly as if he was studying it for exam; he was sad and had determined to drink himself to stupor. 2,176 more words


Francis Is Alive (-2-)

It was becoming intolerable for Majeed as the white guy repeatedly kissed his girlfriend in his presence while he must not frown or complain or else he puts the success of their little charade at risk. 2,514 more words


Francis Is Alive (-1-)

It was winter when chimneys could not stop smoking, groups of young bundled people emerging from the bracing cold into nearby bars with windows clouded with heat, army of candles lit. 2,103 more words

Short Update

I know, I was going to blog more.  Twice a week or so, I said.  Well, it’s been busy, but here’s a quick rundown as to why. 263 more words

Action Adventure

New Ideas

So, after scrapping the first 400 words of the next chapter of Lex Talionis (getting close to finished, but not there yet), I had an interesting idea for a new series. 164 more words

Action Adventure

24: Legacy (S01E03): "2:00pm-3:00pm"


2:00pm-3:00pm’s” opening moments pretty much sum up 24: Legacy’s problems. Carter (Corey Hawkins) is still trapped in the evidence room after stealing the money Ben ( 1,196 more words

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