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Miss Fisher, The Flapper Feminist |FEM 101 Week 7

Miss Phryne Fisher is the Roaring Twenties bombshell that we all dream of being, paired with immaculate feminist flair. She is the titular character on the Aussie show Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, serving up some serious sass as a lady detective in 1920’s Melbourne, solving crimes and breaking hearts. 854 more words


Marvel’s “Daredevil”: the Vigilante Plot’s Cure

Marvel’s “Daredevil”: the Vigilante Plot’s Cure

Netflix’s “Daredevil” first season already has Marvel fans, action cravers, and Netflix junkies alike anticipating the release of its second season. 806 more words

Pilot: “Daredevil (2015 TV series)”

One TV series based on a well known comic book world isn’t enough. Dominating the film world with the same comic book world isn’t enough either. 791 more words


Chapter 9: Up Against The Wall

– Day 7 of The Wildfire; Year 252 ATP

Their sounds had quieted. Two attackers had Barrett surrounded, ready to blow him to pieces, and he couldn’t figure out where the hell they were. 1,233 more words


The Flash

Ο Μπέρι Άλλεν ήταν μόλις 11 χρονών όταν η μητέρα του σκοτώθηκε από ένα περίεργο συμβάν κι ο πατέρας του καταδικάστηκε άδικα για τον φόνο της.

Grant Gustin


Μετά από ένα ναυάγιο, ο δισεκατομμυριούχος Oliver Queen είχε εξαφανιστεί και θεωρούνταν νεκρός για πέντε χρόνια προτού τον βρουν ζωντανό σε ένα απομονωμένο νησί του Ειρηνικού. 24 more words

Grant Gustin