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Clear and Present Danger (1994)

This movie is the third in the Tom Clancy based novels released in the late 80’s early 90’s and the second with Harrison Ford starring as main hero Jack Ryan.  1,514 more words


The “Hidden” Success Derailer

I work with people a lot who have a goal, are moving toward it consistently, and then things stall or stop. Again and again the individuals are perplexed, disappointment, and frustrated. 73 more words


An Education in Warriors

“Will I have Energae when I’m older?” Young Alexander asked.

“I think so,” Benedict replied.

“And we’re Herstians. So I’m going to be a Tedescan.” 110 more words


12 Days of Halloween - Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

Day 6

Now we have finally hit that anime portion of this marathon. I have quite a few other anime films/series in other brackets, but this is the only time I know for certain that I will view one. 1,506 more words


The Man From The Bar [Introducing Shaunak Goswami]

The stranger shielded his eyes from the afternoon sun and made his way along the footpath, having parked his car in the open parking lot. 1,100 more words


Character Profile: Sparwa 'Lashing Wave' Haebra

Age: 21
Nation: Kukri
Status: Grey feather (Strength)

Sparwa is a highly intelligent warrior of the First Nation Canadian tribe, Kukri. The only son to Chief Takoda Haebra, Sparwa has trained intensely from a very young age with the ambition of one day becoming Chief of the eight houses of Kukri. 202 more words

Conflict Of The Throne