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No Spoiler Review | Power Rangers

Let’s be honest: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is much better in memory than actually watching it now. It just hasn’t aged well despite some strong story arcs. 700 more words


Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 48


Please note: Major episode spoilers below – no attempt to conceal details.

There was a lot of Orga focus in this episode, for good reason. 165 more words

Do Cyborgs Dream of Electric Breasts?

Title: Ghost in the Shell
Director: Rupert Sanders
Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Takeshi Kitano, Michael Pitt
Runtime: 1 hr 45 m
Year: 2017… 609 more words


Ghost in the Shell (2017 Movie)

Ghost in the Shell takes place in the future where the robot has become a part of human’s life. At the beginning, we will shown a project to transplant human’s brain to a synthetic body. 353 more words


Tokyo Tribe (2014)

2016 #149
Sion Sono | 112 mins | streaming (HD) | 2.35:1 | Japan / Japanese | 18

Adapted from the manga Tokyo Tribe 2, the film version is a hip-hop musical, sung (or rapped) through by an expansive cast who make up the titular tribes — gangs who rule the streets of a divided near-future (or possibly alternate reality; or possibly it doesn’t matter that much) Tokyo. 340 more words

4 Stars

Casino Action – Online Casinos

Casino Action features 500 casino games which gives players plenty of different opportunities and methods to win big. They each have large jackpots that could change your life. 55 more words

Hand Shakers Review

Anime originals. Creating original anime has the crippling fault of being the only source in existence, meaning, if the anime doesn’t fulfill everything it needs to do in order to complete a story by its own merits, it can and will fail stupendously because the story will have nothing else to fall back on should the anime fail. 2,170 more words