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A man has not accepted responsibility for his actions until he stops apologizing for them.

Apologies are the discharge of my inner lawyer.

Where is the apology that changed the world? 6 more words

From The Counsellor

We're Obsessed with Consistency in Words and Actions

When people on a seashore observed a staged larceny of a radio from a nearby towel, only 20 percent reacted; but if whoever owns the towel first asked individuals to “please view my things,” 95 percent of them became near-vigilantes, chasing down the thief and powerfully grabbing back the radio. 260 more words


Action is Spur

Actions define what the propaganda is that we are trying to take on. Thinking positive and taking corrective actions are two different things but consolidating them results in strong measures. 41 more words


Evidence that Thirst for Gentrifying London Contributed to London Fire

Not an easy post to work through, but capitalist greed has very human consequences. This post makes that cost very clear, in very human terms. Money was available to improve the facade, but only one fire escape, no sprinklers. 659 more words


Urgent - ask your Labour MP to give the NHS Bill priority in the Private Members' Bill ballot

On Monday 26th June, the Parliamentary Labour Party will discuss the order of possible Labour private members bills.

If you have a Labour MP, please ask them to attend this Parliamentary Labour Party discussion and support Margaret Greenwood’s NHS Bill as the one to be allocated to the Labour MP who comes highest in the ballot for Private Members Bills. 654 more words


Healthcare for millions is on the line

Time to leave it all on the field take it to the Senate floor…

Please call both your senators today and say:

Hi. My name is ___, my zip code is ___, and I’m with Indivisible East Bay.

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