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What is Karma

BY Paramahamsa Yogananda

Karma is the law of action. Mind or body in a specific form of movement is termed ‘action’. Every action mentally or physically performed, consciously or unconsciously, has a specific effect on the life of man. 18 more words


Actions speak louder than words

I took a public speaking course my sophomore year of college. I don’t have any horror stories from it. I love speaking and presenting; I like having something to share with people when they don’t have much of an option but to pay attention to me and what I’m saying. 539 more words

The Comfort that Kills

Being comfortable is soothing. We feel secure– totally surrounded by a safe bubble. But in the midst of that comfort zone, we miss opportunities,  experiences, and encounters with amazing souls that push us further in growth and revelation. 20 more words


Actions and Words

[*in my teapot today: jasmine and green tea]

Last year I dated a guy for three or four months despite having no substantial feelings – at most, just a deep affection.  1,039 more words


The confusion between "Changing yourself" and "Changing others"

I guess, everybody tries to apply the philosophy of “you cannot change the world, so just change yourself” in their lives. But are we really changing ourselves? 541 more words

Intentions and Actions

I’ve wondered for a long time about people’s actions being of secondary importance to their intentions.  I don’t believe a person can hide their true intentions for long, through conversation words generally give a person away. 1,296 more words

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