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Flawed logic

Flawed logic often leads to incorrect responses


"It amazes me how our mind can be the creator of both order and disorder."

The term disorder means a state of confusion. When the order is broken, chaos breaks loose. Our human body and brain, follow a particular structure. We may not know what the entire structure looks like, for we still have many questions left unanswered, but there is definitely a structure in place. 214 more words


ADHD and Autism

ADHD (Attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder) as the name suggests is a disorder characterised by a lack of attention and extreme hyperactivity. It is seen more commonly in boys than girls, and occurs during early school years. 279 more words



Prayer is our communication with God. Do you pray? Do I take time for prayer? How do we expect to experience God without prayer? Too often we spend time telling God our wants and needs without listening for an answer. 66 more words

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