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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: PDCP- 03/26/15- "I Shall Not Ever Forget!" (Psalms 119:93)

SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 03/26/15- “I Shall Not Ever Forget!” (Psalms 119:93)

Premise Question: Why, how and for what reasons should we never forget the commandments of Papa God? 251 more words


Think and Act

Let your actions speak for you, loud and loud as much as they could, don’t just think and not act, else those wonderful and fruitful ideas will rot in your head never to be born and utilized by the world.

Author – Superquoters


Spring Flowers

Miss Me?

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. You’ll have to forgive me. School got started and it’s amazing how much time it takes up. 29 more words


The Story of Everything

It’s not necessarily what you say but rather what you do. I noticed this recently on a trip where many people did not speak the same language as me. 549 more words

“I just aspire to pick people up. That’s my ambition.”

~ Sade Adu a.k.a Helen Folasade Adu,
Singer, Songwriter,
Composer & Record Producer


Too Numb to Pray

I try to write as often as possible. It’s a good way to remove myself from the gossip of the world and workplace. It keeps me thinking and it keeps me hopeful; most of the time. 304 more words


On this day 26th March 1916

ACQ 25.3.1916: A & B Companies under Capts E.B. JOHNSON and J. TOLSON proceeded to trenches for 6 hours work in marching order without packs. On arrival at the trenches they were detained as the 5th Battalion had attempted to seize the near lip of a crater caused by enemy mine explosion early that day, and had been drives back by enemy bomb attack. 405 more words