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How to Manage Stress

Stress can be one of two things: an impetus (eustress) or a hindrance (distress). One is healthy and one is indistinguishable from suffering. Pain is part of life, but suffering is the unnecessary perpetuation of pain caused by reliving it over and over again in your head. 1,347 more words


Change the World

“Everybody wants to change the world, but nobody wants to do the small thing that makes just one person feel loved.”

I read this today in my daily reading and it struck me with its simplicity. 426 more words

Trump So Far (Part 1)

It may have become apparent (at least to my peers on Facebook) that I have serious misgivings on Trump’s Presidency. I watched the entire Inauguration, and listened intently to what I believe to be an… 728 more words


Obama Staffer Warns: The Downside of Sunday's Euphoria

In this post, an Obama staffer makes the same point I made yesterday about the need for Sunday turning into a sustained movement. Also video from the Santa Fe march; a link to… 1,223 more words


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action plan for the week of 1.23

The folks in the House are taking it easier this week: a couple of days making laws, then some retreats. The bills include one on… 108 more words