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Obedience in the Shadow of Truth

“‚ÄčThe demand for proof is an act of disobedience to the spoken truth”

God loves the disobedient child, therefore He corrects them by bringing them to faith.

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Sound and Vision - 6/4/16

I’m all set.

No fidgeting about

in protest to this domino

fall. A pattern preset by

preceding; missteps or not

I don’t love feeling foolish.


Inspirational Quotes may act as motivating hormones but will produce the required physiological and psychological effects only if they are supplemented by grounded actions!!



30 Before 30: Messy Twister

When the deans asked for suggestions for the semester’s first Friday Night Frenzy, I had an immediate answer: messy Twister.

I like it when people agree with me! :)

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Please sign open letter: Stop secret plans that will end the NHS as a comprehensive public service

If you agree with this, please sign it as an open letter to the public that we are sending to the Guardian. You can add your name (and organisation, if any) in the comments box and we will then add this to the letter. 1,209 more words


Sadiq Kahn is vile and Britain First are good. While Kahn defends burkini his voters defend the right to have sex slaves- Video- And why do the Police go after BF or T. Robinson instead of arresting pro-sex slaves imams?

Kahn is a feminist? Don’t make me laugh. His voters and the people he goes around with, apart from the ISIS sympathizers Goldsmith insisted, at his own expenses, to condemn, but he definitely did right, because it’s true, even among his supporters imams who justify sex slaves. 865 more words