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It’s getting to look a lot more like a dementia-friendly Christmas

So what will your holidays look like? Will it be full of family, friends, food and drink, parties and presents?  It’s a time of year when everyone comes together, when you spend time with older relatives and it can often be the only time that you spend with them. 676 more words

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Watching Breakfast News this morning there was a short section on how Christmas can affect those living with Dementia and their families, friends and carers. So here are Peter Smith's top tips on how to have a Dementia-friendly Christmas.

Riding along in my automobile – tips on how to be older, safer drivers

Snow, fog, driving rain, flooding – all dangerous conditions for any driver, experienced or otherwise and yet, likely hazards at this time of year.   For older drivers driving means: being part of the community; being able to visit friends and family, shopping and so keeping their independence. 1,080 more words

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Don't Weight any Longer!

The Southern Gazette recently reported on the “Living Longer, Living Stronger” program run by the Council of the Ageing  (COTA) WA.  Two very motivated ladies, Mrs Davies (82) and Mrs Whiteside (83), are excited and enthusiastic about attending the upcoming progressive strength training sessions.   59 more words

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The Fashionable Lounge - bringing generations together through artivities at Leeds City Varieties Music Hall

Intergenerational work is incredibly important in today’s society as both young people and older people can feel cut off and isolated from their community. It’s a great way of bringing two groups together and encouraging the groups to see the benefit of spending time with one another. 571 more words

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Deshun Wang

Yet another example of age being a mirage.Older people are repackaging themselves and redesigning their purpose in life. Deshun Wang expresses it beautifully : he has spent his whole life preparing for this. 40 more words

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Where there’s a will there’s a way

Thousands of people die each year without having made their wills. And in many cases, the State will benefit while their families and friends lose out. 658 more words

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“It has taken away the fear factor of using a tablet for the first time” Get Online Week

“It has been wonderful! I’ve learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed looking at the old photos of Leeds” – Dorothy

This week, 17-23 October, is… 589 more words