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Staying active helps ward off Alzheimer's

A wide-ranging study published in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society found that simply walking every day is likely to stave off memory loss and other mental decline linked to ageing. 507 more words

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Feel great? Let’s keep it that way.

We can’t escape the changes age brings but there’s lots we can do to stay well so we can continue to do the things that are important to us. 657 more words

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10 reasons to Save Adult Education

Please sign and share the link to the petition to Save Adult Education. Evidence shows successive and massive funding cuts over recent years and a decline in numbers of adult learners in part-time education. 26 more words

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One unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon in October we were sitting in the garden.  The tide in the aperitif was on the ebb pulling the eyelids down with it.  249 more words

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Apology Not Accepted 


Generally speaking going to work on a Monday morning is a cheerless affair. When I commuted by train I use to play a game called “Spot the Smile” and as often as not scored a big fat goose egg.

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Mediterranean diet ‘may slow the ageing process by five years’

Following a Mediterranean-style diet slows the rate at which the brain shrinks by five years, according to a report by researchers at Columbia University, published in the journal… 178 more words

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