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.Net MVC - Display a user's Full Name instead of User.Identity.Name (DOMAIN\USERNAME)

I had a request come in on a MVC web app to display a user’s full name instead of their domain network username. The app was using something like: 139 more words


Dealing with Active Directory's Event 4625 and "The referenced account is currently locked out and may not be logged on to"

So recently we’ve been struggling with Microsoft Active Directory problems, where some accounts are frequently locked out of AD, displaying the error message “The referenced account is currently locked out and may not be logged on to… 562 more words


Note-to-self: DNS naming best practices for internal domains and networks

Just a few days ago, I’ve got a question from a customer regarding the DNS naming best practices for internal DNS and AD domains…

As it’s not a daily job to setup a new AD domain and internal DNS (from scratch…), so it might help to share the results of my investigation, that have lead to confirm my practical experiences. 1,230 more words


Search Active Directory description for a phrase with PowerShell

get-aduser -ldapfilter ‘(searching for something*)’ |more

Add local windows Administrators group to SQL Logins

Adding Windows groups (local or domain) based security is best practice as it can help you in a situation where you loose credentials potentially.

You want to add Local Windows Administrators group to have SA or any other permissions in SQL.  80 more words


How many users are in my AD group?

Nice simple three liner here. I often want to check how many users are in a particular group, and find it a bit annoying that ADUC doesn’t show this in the Group Properties. 58 more words

Append Description to a list of users

Today I needed to append, not overwrite, the description variable for a list of users. To do this, I created a simple .txt file containing the usernames I wanted to change. 48 more words